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Focusing on the tradition of grotesque humor throughout the history of Spanish cinema, The Last Laugh: An Alternate History of Spanish Comedy series comes to the Film Society from December 12-18. The series will include appearances and Q&A's with directors Santiago Aguilar, José Luis Cuerda, Isaki Lacuesta, and Óscar Pérez.

Here is the list of included films and Q&A. For more info > Filmlinc.

* 20 Centimeters / 20 centímetros
Ramón Salazar, Spain, 2005, 35mm, 112m
Spanish with English subtitles
Adolfo (Mónica Cervera) goes by the name Marieta, works as a prostitute, and suffers from narcolepsy, habitually nodding off and slipping into Ginger Rogers–esque dreams in which everything is colorful, musical, and happy. In these dreams she is her fully realized female self, not Adolfo as the official registries would have it. Somewhere in between queer comedy, musical, and a grotesque portrait of the darker side of Spanish society, 20 Centimeters is a distorted and unfettered depiction of a still-chauvinistic country where fears, beliefs, and prejudices endure and where one’s sexual orientation seems to be everybody’s business.
Thursday, December 18, 4:15pm

* Amanece, que no es poco
José Luis Cuerda, Spain, 1989, 35mm, 106m
Spanish with English subtitles
People bursting forth from the ground, black children born of white parents, and Spanish civil guards shooting at the breaking dawn while shouting “damn the whole sacredness bit to hell!”: Amanece, que no es poco might seem to be an incoherent jumble of sequences, but in fact it is one of the high points of Spanish comedy. Valle Inclán’s distortedly grotesque “esperpento,” Francisco de Goya’s darkest, most biting humor, and Luis Buñuel’s surrealist derisiveness all go hand in hand here under the unifying mantle of satirizing a country that is capable, in the words of critic Álvaro Arroba, “of murdering and divesting of their sacrosanctity its most sacred of gods.”
Friday, December 12, 6:15pm (Q&A with José Luis Cuerda)

* Astronauts / Astronautas
Santi Amodeo, Spain, 2003, 35mm, 88m
Spanish with subtitles in English
A 40-year-old junkie decides to follow a psychiatrist’s somewhat absurd list of dos and don’ts to the tee in order to kick his habit and become a “normal person”: be clean, be neat, eat right, clean your house, go shopping, socialize. But in doing so, he finds he has become a nobody, just another face in the crowd. When a 16-year-old girl comes into his life, like an astronaut who has fallen to Earth from out of nowhere, he suddenly gains the love, attention, and care that will rescue him from deadening conformity. Directly engaging taboos without prejudice or moralizing, Santi Amodeo constructs a story on and about the blurred lines of normalcy: in a society where we must adapt ourselves to a host of mores and norms, who is truly the Other, the oddball, the astronaut?

** Screening with:
Holy Thriller
María Cañas, Spain, 2011, digital projection, 2m
Two nearly opposite cultural milestones, Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Seville’s Holy Week processions, are rolled together by tried-and-true iconoclast director María Cañas, a devourer of images, who simply yet relentlessly picks apart some of the myths and symbols on which Spain’s national identity is based.
Wednesday, December 17, 6:30pm

* Caution to the Wind / Con el culo al aire
Carles Mira, Spain, 1980, 35mm, 94m
Spanish with English subtitles
When Carles Mira premiered his first film, The Prodigious Life of Father Vincent, in Spain, someone attempted to prevent it from screening by detonating a bomb in the theater. Spain was emerging from a dictatorship and working its way, for better or for worse, toward becoming a democracy. Far from flinching, Mira upped the ante and filmed Caution to the Wind, taking his iconoclastic passion for festivity to the extreme. Focusing on an insane asylum through which all types of characters parade, Mira constructs an irreverent flashback view of Spain’s past—or as he himself puts it: “I’m convinced that a number of people have taken an interest in concealing our real past and that they invented, at the time, a make-believe empire peopled by heroes and leaders comprising a gallery of ghosts.”

** Screening with:
Meeting with Sarah Jessica
Vicente Villanueva, Spain, 2013, DCP, 20m
Spanish with English subtitles
Tonight, Dori’s dream is coming true: she is having dinner with her favorite actress. She has made the trip from Spain, and the two of them are dining, one-on-one, face-to-face. But an enjoyable meal becomes a gateway to the dark world lurking behind fame…
Sunday, December 14, 1:00pm

* The Certificate / El certificado
Vicente Lluch, Spain, 1969, DCP, 100m
Spanish with English subtitles
Though Vicente Lluch has somehow faded from Spanish cinema history, his eventual rediscovery is inevitable. He directed only three features over the course of a 40-year career, but his films reveal a campy take on uniquely Spanish subjects astonishingly achieved amid the Franco regime. In The Certificate, he draws on the Mediterranean farce (as Carles Mira would later do) in order to hurl scathing criticism at the ethically reproachable and socially ridiculous Barcelona bourgeoisie. As in his other work, the story hinges on a strong, determined female character who grows increasingly empowered as it goes on.
Wednesday, December 17, 8:30pm

* Dying Beyond Their Means / Murieron por encima de sus posibilidades
Isaki Lacuesta, Spain, 2014, DCP, 104m
Spanish with English subtitles
Five desperate, common citizens from a fictitious country pretty much identical to Spain see their lives ripped apart by a global financial crisis. With nothing left to lose, they concoct a crazy plan to save their country’s—not to mention the world’s—economy: kidnap the chairman of the Central Bank and demand that he somehow restore everything to the way it used to be. Is their plan so naïve that it just might work? A dark and rowdy comedy about a country pushed to the economic brink and the everyday radicals who endeavor to save the day by any means necessary. But will their revolution be televised or will it be Googled?
Sunday, December 14, 8:40pm (Q&A with Isaki Lacuesta)

* Justino: A Senior Citizen Killer / Justino, un asesino de la tercera edad
La Cuadrilla (Santiago Aguilar and Luis Guridi), Spain, 1994, 35mm, 93m
Spanish with English subtitles
Justino engages with Spain’s vast tradition of black comedy, brimming with backwards glances and allusions to its rich heritage. If the film at first seems like a simple rehashing of Marco Ferreri’s The Little Coach, it soon becomes clear that its references extend in many different directions, engaging such distinct works as Edgar Neville’s 1946 detective thriller The Crime of Bordadores Street and Fernando Fernán-Gómez’s 1986 Goya Award winner Voyage to Nowhere. Justino takes full advantage of its having been made after the end of the censorship restrictions of the Franco regime, and the creative duo La Cuadrilla (directors Santiago Aguilar and Luis Guridi) revive the figure of the retired man that appears in The Little Coach and Luis García Berlanga’s Not on Your Life.
Saturday, December 13, 6:45pm (Q&A with Santiago Aguilar)

* The Last Circus / Balada triste de trompeta
Álex de la Iglesia, Spain, 2010, 35mm, 107m
Spanish with English subtitles
Francisco de Goya’s Fight with Cudgels depicts two men submerged, knee-high, in the ground, beating each other with wooden clubs. It’s neither here not there that Goya didn’t originally paint the figures this way, but rather on grassy ground; this image, the result of the oil painting’s negligent conservation, has nevertheless become a metaphor for Spain’s eternal cycle of fruitless conflict. Álex de la Iglesia’s film, which earned Best Screenplay and Best Director at the 2010 Venice International Film Festival, returns to this idea of a violent and self-destructive Spain in the guise of circus clowns dueling for the love of a gorgeous trapeze artist.
Thursday, December 18, 6:45pm

* The Last Horse / El último caballo
Edgar Neville, Spain, 1950, 35mm, 85m
Spanish with English subtitles
Edgar Neville’s The Last Horse is considered the most neorealist of all his works. But while it’s true that some of the more obvious aspects of that movement show through, this film is no mere throwback. Its humorous, thought-provoking thrust directly engages with the way things really are in Spain, specifically in Madrid, which, swept along by the changes wrought by modernization, sheds its traditions rapidly and thoughtlessly. The Last Horse is a stroll through Madrid on the brink of a makeover that changed both the city’s outer appearance as well as the lifestyles of those who live there—in particular Fernando, recently discharged from the army, which has decided to put down his faithful horse Bucéfalo.

** Screening with:
Mystery / Misterio
Chema García Ibarra, Spain, 2013, DCP, 12m
Spanish with English subtitles
Trini takes care of her family, just like the other women in her depressing, working-class neighborhood, but she believes her situation is temporary. Soon enough, something or somebody will get her out of there.
Friday, December 12, 9:00pm

* The Little Coach / El cochecito
Marco Ferreri, Spain, 1960, 35mm, 83m
Spanish with English subtitles
Marco Ferreri filmed his first three features in Spain before returning home to Italy. For the first (The Little Flat) and third (The Little Coach), he partnered with Rafael Azcona, a screenwriter also making his debut; the collaboration between these two would be crucial for shaping some of the fundamental traits of Spanish black humor. The Little Coach portrays the trials and tribulations of Anselmo Proharán, a retiree willing to do anything, even do away with his family, in order to get himself a mobility scooter like those owned by his elderly cronies at the park. Although censorship under the Franco regime took some of the bite out of this film and imposed upon it a moralistic ending, it could not repress the harshness with which it depicts a distressful country.

** Screening with:
El engaño / The Cheating
Germán Scelso, Spain, 2009, digital projection, 15m
Spanish with English subtitles
We don’t know how documentary filmmaker Germán first met Juan, but we join them as they watch a bullfight on television. Out of the blue, Juan asks Germán to help him carry out an act of vengeance…
Saturday, December 13, 9:15pm

* Mommy’s a Fool / Mamá es boba
Santiago Lorenzo, Spain, 1997, 35mm, 96m
Spanish with English subtitles
Martín (Jose Luis Lago) is a self-conscious young boy living in a provincial Castilian town where nothing ever happens. He bears the brunt of his classmates’ bullying at school, but his biggest problem is his parents, Gema and Toribio, whose grotesque behavior certainly doesn’t go unnoticed in their sad, gray hometown. But when a new TV station arrives and offers Gema the position of lead anchorwoman, everything changes. Gema and Toribio’s fame skyrockets, but given their status as the town’s laughingstocks, they end up being treated like traveling carnival puppets, and Martín is ostracized ever more severely. Produced on a shoestring budget, with a visual style accentuating the cruelty of its content, Santiago Lorenzo’s satirical feature debut is a comedy that evokes both raucous laughter and smiles of recognition.
Monday, December 15, 6:30pm

* Not on Your Life / El verdugo
Luis García Berlanga, Spain, 1963, 35mm, 89m
Spanish with English subtitles
Not on Your Life marked the second time that Luis García Berlanga and Rafael Azcona worked together, following 1961’s Plácido. This film is a no-holds-barred portrayal of three characters fighting to survive brutal situations. Amadeo is an executioner on the verge of retirement who meets José Luis, a funeral parlor employee he tricks into becoming his heir. Step by step, this film reveals the old man’s Machiavellian plan that finds José Luis literally dragged into becoming his successor despite his ethical reservations.

** Screening with:
Don Pepe Popi
Carlos Vermut, Spain, 2012, digital projection, 16m
Spanish with English subtitles
Don Pepe Popi is a collaboration between Venga Monjas—two comedians who started out on the Internet in 2006—and Carlos Vermut, a director who put a new twist on interweaving genres with his films Diamond Flash and Magical Girl.
Sunday, December 14, 3:30pm

* People in Places / Gente en sitios
Juan Cavestany, Spain, 2013, DCP, 83m
Spanish with English subtitles
The cliché goes that beautiful flowers bloom in cemeteries… or amid rubbish. People in Places illustrates this bromide with an episodic succession of sketches of daily life in a desolate, crisis-ridden Spain. Shot sans script and with a cast comprised of more than 80 actors, People in Places is a comedy with bitter undertones painted in muted colors, intertwining the grotesqueness of Spanish “esperpento” with the cultural pastiche of David Lynch while taking Franz Kafka on a stroll through the industrial suburbs of any provincial town, all with a refreshing absence of pretension.
Thursday, December 18, 9:00pm

* Tell Me About Sanchicorrota / Dime quién era Sanchicorrota
Jorge Tur, Spain, 2013, HDCAM, 62m
Spanish with English subtitles
Jorge Tur’s feature-length documentary delves into the legend of a 16th-century bandit from the north of Spain, who robbed the rich to give to the poor. But the film winds up being a reflexive portrait of documentary’s inability to focus on anything beyond the visible, as well as a tragicomic stroll through a land whose wounds are seemingly always fresh.

** Screening with:
Mr. Easter / Salve Melilla
Óscar Pérez, Spain, 2006, digital projection, 52m
Spanish with English subtitles
Symbols of its imperialist past, Spain still has two cities in African territory: Ceuta and Melilla. Filming the host of a local television show that broadcasts the various religious events that comprise Holy Week in Melilla and employing the stylistic tools of cinema verité, Óscar Pérez envisions a portrait of Spain’s essence as manifested by a city forsaken by the mainland.
Sunday, December 14, 5:45pm (Q&A with Óscar Pérez)

More info > Filmlinc


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Este año en particular, la presencia de temas latinos es fuerte en el festival DOC NYC. La chispa del emprendimiento prende en Costa Rica y en Sud América en contra del machismo, la lejanía, la falta de infraestructura y capital. No hay incentivo de progreso en muchos lugares de América Latina, pero en un rincón de Costa Rica, la directora  Lesley Chilcott nos muestra cómo un grupo de mujeres triunfa, crece y genera cambio en A SMALL SECTION OF THE WORLD. 

El papel de las mujeres en el desarrollo de América Latina cambiará el rostro del continente como también lo refleja Pamela Yates en otro de sus fantásticos trabajos documentales, DISRUPTION (foto) y las promesas del micro-crédito o la semilla del emprendimiento.
Otra cambio que se presenta en el festival es el climático. La periferia y la centralidad se nos revela en el corto SANTA CRUZ DEL ISLOTE de Luke Lorentzen. Vivir en un islote a 50 millas de Cartagena puede parecer paradisíaco, y a lo mejor lo es. Pero Santa Cruz está casi a nivel del mar y no se le ve que tiene muchas posibilidades de crecer. Países conformados por islas están en peligro de desaparecer bajo las aguas. Qué le espera a Santa Cruz? Tomarán ellos mismos cartas en el asunto?. Porque más allá de todo  se impone esta inercia que cuelga sobre el islote, donde no se ve iniciativa, plan de futuro. Prenderá allí también la mecha del emprendimiento ?.

Banksy llegó a NYC y causó revuelo. Y en Banksy Does New York vemos su residencia de 30 días en la ciudad y las reaciones que causó: Qué es arte y qué significa ser artista; la política y el capital en el arte y la protesta a través del arte son todos temas que me vinieron a la cabeza viendo este doc sobre el controversial artista. Controversiales y efectivas son también las campañas y las protestas de The Yes Men Are Revolting. La creatividad y el riesgo tomado en sus 'antics' para poder dejarse oír en medio del bullicio generalizado han hecho imposible que organizaciones, intereses y gobiernos tiren bajo el tapete y se desentiendan de asuntos tan cruciales como el cambio climático. Más allá de las risas (que hay muchas) los Yes Men inspiran a buscar métodos nuevos y efectivos para hacer de la protesta un agente efectivo de cambio. 
Estos son solo algunos de los temas que pude sopesar de los tantos presentes en el festival. Como pueden ver debajo, las entradas latinas exploran temas que van desde las pandillas en las calles de Nueva York en los '70 en RUBBLE KINGS hasta la icónica fotografía de Sebastian Salgado, pasando por la vida después de prisión en COMING HOME; la lucha por salarios y condiciones de trabajo justos en THE HAND THAT FEEDS; y la lucha por la vida misma en MARMATO, un pueblo minero de Colombia. Y mucho más para explorar en DOC NYC que se realiza en NYC hasta el 20 de Noviembre.

Acá los filmes de interés o director latino:

1_ COMING HOME, Dir. Viko Nikci

INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE - At the age of 25, Angel Cordero, an innocent man, was arrested and convicted of attempted murder following a stabbing in the Bronx. Viko Nikci follows him as he is released from prison after thirteen years into a new world of smartphones and social media. Readjusting to life on the outside, Angel has two goals: confronting the man who actually committed the crime for which he was punished, and repairing his relationship with the daughter he was forced to leave behind.

7:00 PM, Sat. Nov. 15, 2014 - IFC Center
12:30 PM, Thu. Nov. 20, 2014 - IFC Center
Expected to attend: Viko Nikci, film subject Angel Cordero

2_ DISRUPTION, Dir. Pamela Yates

NYC PREMIERE - Recognizing the persistence of income inequality in South America, a group of activist economists join together to offer an alternative path to eliminating poverty: encouraging the poor to open savings accounts and thereby become active agents within the existing economic system. Fundación Capital partners with impoverished women to put their plan for financial inclusion into action, beginning pilot programs in Colombia, Peru and Brazil, and demonstrating the power of women to lead potentially continent-wide social change.

2:30 PM, Sat. Nov. 15, 2014 - IFC Center
5:00 PM, Tue. Nov. 18, 2014 - IFC Center
Expected to attend: Pamela Yates, producer Paco de Onis

3_ THE HAND THAT FEEDS, Dir. Rachel Lears & Robin Blotnick

NYC PREMIERE - An Upper East Side Hot & Crusty bakery serves as the unlikely setting for an old-fashioned David vs. Goliath story in Rachel Lears and Robin Blotnick's rousing film. After years of exploitation, Mahoma López, an unassuming sandwich maker, leads his fellow service workers as they demand better working conditions and wages. Risking their livelihood—and, for some, deportation—they take to the streets to plead their case to their regular customers, partnering with impassioned young Occupy activists in a hard-fought battle to prove the power of labor organizing.

2:30 PM, Sun. Nov. 16, 2014 - IFC Center
Expected to attend: Robin Blotnick, Rachel Lears, film subjects Mahoma Lopez and family

4_ MARMATO, Dir. Mark Grieco

NYC PREMIERE - Exploring the intersection of economic development, environmental impact and globalization, Mark Grieco's film is an intimate and richly observed portrait of Marmato, a rural mining town threatened with destruction. At the center of a new global gold rush, the Colombian government has imperiled Marmato by selling its mines to a Canadian company. With plans in place to displace 8,000 inhabitants, level their mountain home and transform it into an open pit to extract the estimated $20 billion in gold buried within, can the community survive?

2:45 PM, Tue. Nov. 18, 2014 - IFC Center
5:15 PM, Wed. Nov. 19, 2014 - IFC Center
Expected to attend: Mark Grieco

5_ RUBBLE KINGS, Dir. Shan Nicholson

NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE - Confronting a bankrupt, decaying city and the dashed hopes of the civil rights generation, African-American and Latino teenagers violently took over the streets of 1970s New York. The South Bronx became a war zone ruled by gangs like the Savage Skulls and the Ghetto Brothers. Hypnotic archival footage and present-day interviews with former gang members reveal how peace was brokered at the peak of the bloodshed in a most unlikely manner, laying the foundation for what ultimately became hip-hop culture.
Screening with Fraser Munden & Neil Rathbone's THE CHAPERONE. An action-packed, animated retelling of what happened when a drunken motorcycle gang invaded a 1970s school dance.

9:15 PM, Sun. Nov. 16, 2014 - SVA Theatre
Expected to attend: Shan Nicholson, film subjects Benji Melendez, Lloyd Murphy, Jee Sanchez, Rolly Rodriguez and D.S.R.

6_ THE SALT OF THE EARTH, Dir. Wim Wenders & Juliano Ribeiro Salgado

Brazilian Sebastião Salgado has created some of the most indelible photographs of our time. His black- and-white images bring an artful composition to chronicling humanity's "salt of the earth" in multiyear projects such as "Workers," "Migrations" and "Genesis." This film, directed by his son Juliano Ribeiro Salgado and Wim Wenders, brings an insider's and outsider's perspective on the family, illuminating the key role played by Salgado's wife Lélia Deluiz Wanick and their work on the nature preserve Instituto Terra. Sony Pictures Classics, opens Apr. 3.

7:00 PM, Wed. Nov. 19, 2014 - Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas

7_ A SMALL SECTION OF THE WORLD, Dir. Lesley Chilcott

NYC PREMIERE - In equal measures inspiring and endearing, Leslie Chilcott's film spotlights a group of Costa Rican village women who, seeking a way to offset the economically motivated flight of their husbands and sons from the community, form ASOMOBI, a coffee-growing collective—despite not knowing the first thing about growing coffee. Persevering through a steep learning curve and numerous setbacks, ASOMOBI captures the attention and support of a local exporter, and through her, the international coffee industry.
Screening with Luke Lorentzen's SANTA CRUZ DEL ISLOTE. Inhabitants of a remote Colombian island paradise face an uncertain future in changing times.

5:00 PM, Fri. Nov. 14, 2014 - IFC Center
Expected to attend: Lesley Chilcott


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En estos momentos se lleva a cabo el festival que celebra la cultura de nuestros países latinoamericanos en Nueva York. El calendario es variado y va desde piezas de teatro a piezas de arte. Polly Ferman y todos los que participan en el Latin American Cultural Week reúnen, una vez más, el abanico cultural que nos hacen un continente tan rico y vibrante.

Eventos recomendados: el conversatorio con Jenniffer López y su nuevo libro 'True Love' en el 92Y; Juan Carlos Horcasitas Solo Piano recital; Art Exhibit & screening de los filmes de Tizuka Yamazaki; La muestra SELFLESS SELFIES en el NoMAAarts; El concierto WHIN Music Proyect: El Sistema en los Heights; varias presentaciones en el Instituto Cervantes del PLAY LOUD Music Fest; la instalación LIGHTING THE ROAD, de Nancy Saleme & Patricia Cazorla en el Terminal Central de Autobuses; y el estreno de SU NOMBRE SERA SU SOMBRA PARA SIEMPRE" (YOUR NAME WILL FOLLOW YOU HOME) en el Repertorio Español; añado además los conciertos: Latin America in Song y el Duo Cantabile. El festival termina el 9 de Noviembre, aunque algunos eventos, tales como exhibiciones, seguirán abiertas al público. Para más informacion visiten > LACW .


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Las puertas de la torre 1 World Trade Center ya están abiertas al público. Varias compañías ya funcionan en las instalaciones a partir de hoy. Tomó su tiempo. Ya visitaré el interior y las vistas!. 

Por ahora, aquí les comparto algunas de las fotos que he tomado de la torre en el último año. 

También pueden seguir el enlace para ver la galería online > 1WTC.


Esta semana se escucharán muchos 'te acuerdas hace 11 años, hace 10 años!'. Y muchos, 'increíble!'. El Festival Celebrate Mexico Now entra en su edición número 11 y la Orquesta Filarmónica de las Américas, que se lanzó en el Celebrate Mexico Now llega a sus 10 años. La celebración es en el Town Hall con un conciertazo el 1 de Noviembre con Alondra de La Parra dirigiendo la Orquesta acompañada de Natalia Lafourcade. Les traeré los pormenores desde el Town Hall el día del concierto.
We have two tickets to this show on Nov.1! Follow us @LatinoEvents or FB to learn how you can be our guest on that day to see Alondra de La Parra y Natalia Lafourcade in concert.

A nivel culinario el Celebrate Mexico Now nos trae el Taste of Mexico Now reuniendo a algunos de los principales chefs mexicanos de la ciudad que nos ofrecen sus mejores tacos. Ya escuche sobre uno de langosta!... Tienen preparado un mapa para que hagas la gira de tacos! > download tu Tacomapa y puedes visitar estos restaurantes:

Como todos los años también presentan los cortos ganadores del 11th Festival de Cine Internacional de Morelia en el teatro SVA de Chelsea y el Concierto de Piano con Cesar Reyes / Michiyo Morikawa con un repertorio de Compositores clásicos y contemporáneos mexicanos en el Greenwich House Music School el 29 de Octubre.
El Instituto Cervantes por su parte se une a la celebración con la muestra de la artista Ximena Pérez Grobet que abre al público el 30 de Octubre.

Para más info > CELEBRATE MEXICO.


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Ya les había comentado que me iría de travesías por el país por unas 10 semanas. Vaya que viaje!. Confío que hayan podido disfrutar de los eventos y las fotos, LAS FOTOS! fantásticas, que he divulgado durante el trayecto. Fue un viaje pensado como exploración y documentación de éste nuevo país que estamos construyendo todos, con el énfasis puesto en la realidad y la fortaleza de la comunidad latina (sobre todo a través de su quehacer cultural y artístico) dondequiera que estuviere. Y así fue. Con menos a más intensidad, dependiendo de factores como tiempo y recursos, vi de cerca la presencia y la influencia de los latinos en lugares tan apartados y diferentes como el norte de Illinois, Galena y Chicago; Albany, Madison, Wis Dells, Praire du Chain y todo el sur de Wisconsin, McGregor y Marquette en Ohio sobre el Rio Misisipí en su confluencia con el Rio Wisconsin y la gran Miami, para terminar mi periplo en la bella Tucson, en Arizona. Vi mucho y aprendí otro tanto. Y aquí en LatinoEvents, Tespis y Travesías les comenzaré a relatar mis 10 semanas por los Estados Unidos: Un Arcoiris de Caos y Creación.


Vaya desde aquí, la Gran Manzana, un efusivo saludo al Festival Venezolano del Arte que actualmente se celebra en Miami. Vaya también un efusivo saludo a toda la comunidad venezolana u latina que han hecho de la ciudad un imán y un hogar para mucho talento buscando expresarse. En mi visita reciente pide constatar el auge y el hervidero de talento y de posibilidades que está transformando a Miami en una Meca cultural.
Desde sus comienzos en Nueva York el festival ha buscado ser el centro de gravedad de las artes venezolanas en estas tierras y ha perseverado en ese objetivo. Ahora con su presencia en Miami solo esperamos que esos frutos se multipliquen y se extiendan a otros lares. 
El calendario está lleno de eventos y me gustaría destacar algunos en este visual: Obras de Teatro, micro teatro y comedia, muestras de arte, conciertos y moda! Cabe destacar el concierto de Oscar D'Leon con Ilan Chester; la muestra de Fran Baeufrand 'Narrating The Body'; la pieza de teatro Saboridades; el Tributo a Sentimiento Muerto; Fonzo; The New Media Festival en el museo The Chill Concept y la serie de micro teatro venezolano que cerrará el festival con broche de oro. Los esperamos a todos hasta el 16 de Noviembre en Miami!. Par más información visiten >
Break a leg, everyone!


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Disfruten aqui al grupo ACARDENCHADOS de México que participó en el Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival y su programa cultural Latino LA CASITA (También se presentaron en Joe's Pub). Acardenchados es un cuarteto vocal mexicano que se inspira en la llamada canción Cardenche: forma musical a capella, espontánea e informal, del canto popular mexicano. 

Aquí interpretan 'Ojitos Negros'. También pueden verlo en youtube > Acardenchados.


Lo que aún conocemos como el Día de la Hispanidad se está transformando, poco a poco, en un festival mas inclusivo. Ya no es acerca de la herencia hispana exclusivamente, sino de la celebración de nuestra herencia histórica total, comenzando por los Americanos Originarios y pasando por las culturas Latinas y no Latinas que se han mezclado en todo el Continente para hacernos lo que hoy somos: Una comunidad multicultural, diversa y rica.

Por eso yo estoy empeñado en llamarlo El Día de Las Américas! The Day of the Americas! > Ciudades como Tucson tienen el 'Festival Tucson Meet Yourself' que claramente expresa la nueva dirección que esta celebración está tomando. Mas allá de hacerlo el Día de los Pueblos Originarios, como muchas ciudades lo están haciendo, abogo para que sea una celebración de todos nosotros, Americanos! Disfruten debajo las fotos del desfile sobre la Quinta Avenida de Nueva York en el 2010 o sigan el enlace > Americas.


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As part of the fun NYC offers to everyone every summer, dancing salsa is one of the best choices!. Is free, is al fresco and you can even get free lessons!. There are many locations in town, but this one is Sunset Salsa with Talia, at the Hudson River Park on w14th/10th Ave. Enjoy this video below or follow the link > Salsa.


Every Sunday you will find many New Yorkers dancing Tango by the Hudson River. At the end of the day on the Christopher Street pier in Manhattan with amazing views of New York you are invited to dance and have a great time. Check out this video I took just a couple of weeks ago or follow the link > Tango. Enjoy!


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These are the details for the upcoming series A Life Less Ordinary: The Films of Joaquim Pinto (August 8-12), timed to a one-week exclusive theatrical run of the director’s latest film, What Now? Remind Me, beginning on Friday, August 8 at Lincoln Center (photo). This is the first U.S. retrospective of Pinto’s work and includes most of his films as a director along with several collaborations that are touchstones in his rich and singular career.

Joaquim Pinto (a
 sound recordist and designer turned producer and director) has collaborated with some of the greatest filmmakers, including Raúl Ruiz, Werner Schroeter, and João César Monteiro. His own films, unseen for years even in his native Portugal, are considered major achievements in their own right—a Portuguese critic recently described him as “the heart of Portuguese cinema for most of the last 30 years.” Deeply personal, combining image and sound in singularly sophisticated ways, Pinto’s work concerns both the cosmic and the carnal—the domain of the sacred as well as of the flesh.


What Now? Remind Me / E AGORA? LEMBRA-ME JOAQUIM PINTO, 2013

First-person filmmaking at its most intimate and expansive, Joaquim Pinto’s What Now? Remind Me emerged from a year in which the director—documentarian, producer, sound designer, and Lisbon film scene stalwart—endured an experimental clinical trial for HIV patients. Although the film doesn't flinch at describing the pain and despair of chronic illness, it remains above all a testament to the joys of a fully lived life, and to the inseparability of art and life. Darting between vivid scenes of the present and bittersweet recollections of the past, What Now? reveals Pinto’s day-to-day existence with his beloved husband, Nuno, and reaches back to his artistic coming of age, capturing a love of cinema that led to a wide network of friendships and collaborations. Confessional but never solipsistic, looking beyond individual experience toward history and the world, this moving film becomes an all-encompassing meditation on what it means to be alive. Winner of the Jury Prize at the 2013 Locarno Film Festival and a selection at the 51st New York Film Festival > August 8-12.

* The New Testament of Jesus Christ According to John / O Novo Testamento De Jesus Cristo Segundo João
Joaquim Pinto & Nuno Leonel, Portugal, 2013, DCP, 128m
Portuguese with English subtitles
One of Portugal’s most prominent and recognizable performers, Luís Miguel Cintra (a frequent player in the films of Manoel de Oliveira) reads the Gospel of John as images of natural splendor fill the screen. Providing no context outside of the gospel itself and letting the gravel and rhythm of Cintra’s voice take center stage, Pinto and Leonel find a soulful and familiar yet mysterious juxtaposition of words and images. In their directors’ statement, Pinto and Leonel write: “We are not theologians, nor do we belong to any religion, but just like everyone else, from those who call themselves Christians to those who declare themselves to be atheists and ‘free thinkers,’ we are all irrevocably steeped in twenty centuries of clericalism and Christian culture.”
> August 9, 12:30pm

* Rabo de Peixe
Joaquim Pinto & Nuno Leonel, Portugal, 2003, digital projection, 77m
Portuguese with English subtitles
Decisive shifts in the oceans have caused significant problems in the eponymous village in the Azorean archipelago, where fishing has long been a tradition and an essential livelihood. Pedro is a young man confronted with the problem of how to carry on despite this crisis (and the inherent dangers of working at sea). Pinto and Leonel follow Pedro over the full, yearlong cycle of seasons, capturing the rhythms of life and work in a changing community.
Screening with:
Sol Menor
Joaquim Pinto & Nuno Leonel, Portugal, 2007, digital projection, 7m
Portuguese with English subtitles.
This contemplative piece, an exploration of time’s passage and the permanence of nature, sets Beethoven’s “Sonata em sol menor” against images of farmers tilling the soil and flowers carried along by a brook.
> August 8, 5:00pm
> August 10, 8:00pm

* Recollections of the Yellow House / Recordações da Casa Amarela
João César Monteiro, Portugal, 1989, 35mm, 122m
Portuguese with English subtitles
Pinto served as a producer on the late Monteiro’s masterpiece, a landmark of Portuguese cinema. This singularly morbid and perverse comedy chronicles the misadventures of João de Deus (played by Monteiro himself), a grizzled, depressive bachelor who lives in a seedy boarding house run by a tyrannical landlady. Equal parts Chaplin’s Little Tramp and Dostoevsky’s Underground Man, João battles possibly imaginary bedbugs and indulges his erotic fetishes while ruminating on illness and the prospect of death. Amid the deadpan hijinks and bleakly absurdist perspective, the director’s musical way with sound and image is evident everywhere.
> August 10, 5:30pm

* The Rose King / Der Rosenkönig
Werner Schroeter, West Germany/Portugal, 1986, 35mm, 106m
German, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Arabic with English subtitles
A tribute to Werner Schroeter’s muse, Magdalena Montezuma, this operatic procession of florid, rapturous images conveys an elliptical narrative rich with homoeroticism and Oedipal desire. Buoyed by a soundtrack that pairs Johann Strauss with Middle Eastern pop and juxtaposing the post-camp expressionism of Ron Rice and Jack Smith with the poetic cruelty of Jean Genet,The Rose King—which Pinto worked on as a sound designer—is widely regarded as Schroeter’s crowning achievement.
> August 11, 7:00pm

* Tall Stories / Uma Pedra no Bolso
Joaquim Pinto, Portugal, 1988, 35mm, 91m
Portuguese with English subtitles
Virtually unseeable for the last 25 years due to rights issues, Pinto’s beautiful feature-length debut is a coming-of-age tale about unconventional friendships and burgeoning sexuality. As punishment for his lack of interest at school, 12-year-old Miguel is forced to spend his summer vacation at his aunt Martha’s modest seaside boarding house. Upset at first by the prospect of staying in a place where nothing ever happens, the young boy befriends Luisa, a waitress who teaches him to dance, and João, a local fisherman. But the arrival of another guest, the mysterious Dr. Fernando, initiates a series of events that will disrupt the hotel’s equilibrium and Miguel’s peace of mind.
> August 8, 7:00pm
> August 10, 3:30pm

* The Territory
Raúl Ruiz, Portugal, 1981, 16mm, 100m
English and French with English subtitles
Pinto’s first sound-recording job and perhaps the only Raúl Ruiz film that could be described as containing a story “ripped from the headlines,” this philosophical horror flick (co-written by Gilbert Adair) tracks the descent of two American families into cannibalism during a camping trip in the south of France. Celebrated upon its release for the strangeness of its theological vision (reminiscent of that of former Ruiz collaborator Pierre Klossowski), The Territory explores the body as a site of desire and violence with Ruiz’s signature touch, yielding a slippery work that is mortifying, mystifying, and surprisingly funny.
> August 12, 7:00pm

* Twin Flames / Das Tripas Coraçao
Joaquim Pinto, Portugal, 1992, 35mm, 70m
Portuguese with English subtitles
Redheaded twins Armando and Beatriz always dreamed of being firefighters but during a rainy, uneventful winter they find themselves spending less time putting out infernos than they do helping neighbors who’ve locked themselves out of their apartments. This is how Armando meets a pretty young woman with whom he begins a tentative courtship. But soon a rift grows between the siblings and, spurred by Armando’s exaggerated stories about his nascent relationship, Beatriz begins experiencing aural hallucinations that can only be remedied through music and, finally, the love of a stranger. Pinto made this impassioned fairy tale as part of a series of films about the four elements.
> August 9, 5:00pm

* Where the Sun Beats / Ondo Bato o Sol
Joaquim Pinto, Portugal, 1989, 35mm, 88m
Portuguese with English subtitles
Pinto’s sophomore feature patiently investigates the everyday life and psychosexual vacillations of Laura (Laura Morante), a woman caught in a web of verboten romance and incestuous desire. Pinto elliptically and delicately portrays the small farming community that serves as the backdrop for the impossible relationships pursued by Laura and her brother, Nuno. The alluring cast also features Inês de Medeiros (of Jacques Rivette’s The Gang of Four and several films by Pedro Costa) as Graça, a key player in the film’s game of libidinal cat-and-mouse. A strongly atmospheric work in which torrid intrigues emerge through allusion and insinuation, Where the Sun Beats finds Pinto exploring the self-thwarting ways of desire and the expressive potential of the unspoken.
> August 9, 3:00pm

For more info visit: FILMLINC


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Llegan a Nueva York bandas del mundo Latino para el LatinoPunk Festival que se realiza del 8 al 10 de Agosto en diferentes locales de la ciudad. El festival no tiene promotores, ni patrocinadores ni inversionistas. El evento se realiza con el esfuerzo colectivo de todos, cada banda se las arregla para poder asistir a Nueva York. El mensaje es totalmente anti-establecimiento y en apoyo a los marginados, discriminados y migrantes del mundo. Su grito de batalla es No Sexismo, No Racismo, No Homofobia. 

Para mas información visiten > LatinoPunk.


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Una gran iniciativa de El Museo del Barrio y el Museo de la Ciudad de Nueva York, Uptown Bounce conjuga música, arte, talleres de arte y danza, gastronomía, DJs y tragos especiales para hacer de estas dos instituciones culturales una destinación en las noches veraniegas de Nueva York. 

Uptown Bounce se lleva a cabo el 30 de Julio, el 6 y el 13 de Agosto. El evento es gratis pero hay que RSVP para asegurarse un boleto. Es la oportunidad perfecta para empaparse de nuestra cultura y nuestras tradiciones latinas y neoyorquinas!. Para más info visiten > El Museo.


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Just brilliant. Is like entering a temple. Of Art, Creativity and Solace. Abstracto y Terapéutico...
The exhibit Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948–1988 comprises nearly 300 works, 1940s to the early 1980s, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, and participatory works by the brazilian artist. This first retrospective of her work is organized around three key themes: abstraction, Neo-Concretism, and the “abandonment” of art. Each theme is 'anchored by a significant concept or a constellation of works'  that mark a definitive step in Clark’s career. 

While Clark’s legacy in Brazil is profound, this exhibition aims to draw international attention to her work and reinscribe her into current discourses of abstraction, participation, and a therapeutic art practice. ( Don't leave without playing with a 'Bicho'!).

A 'Bicho'.
Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art will be on view until August 24. 
For more info please visit > MOMA.
Photos by AlexGuerrero®2014


This is the second year a tell you about this great program at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Building on a great tradition and now with Gustavo Dudamel at the helm, the LA Phil spotlights music from across North and South America and explores the eclectic musical traditions born from our unique blending of cultures, religions and landscapes. 
AMERICAS & AMERICANS takes place on July 25, 26 with Gloria Estefan; the 29 with Rubén Blades and the 31 with Noche de Cine: Film composers from North and South.
If you are in Los Angeles >>> For more info visit > AMERICAS


El Festival de SummerStage toma los parques de los 5 condados de NYC con una cartelera rica en música, desde Opera hasta Salsa. Ya hemos visto algunos actos esperados, como Buika, Ana Tijoux, Babasonicos, Ballet Hispánico, Juana Molina y La Santa Cecilia.  Este año celebramos los 50 años de vida artística de la Orquesta Fania AllStars, así que tendremos Fania a plenitud para disfrutar esas tardes de verano que se avecinan y que se hacen mucho más placenteras con festivales como SummerStage. Si es así, que siga haciendo sol! 
Tienen primero los artistas latinos y después el resto de la cartelera. Para más info visiten > summerstage.



July 28 – John Leguizamo’s Ghetto Klown > 
En Central Park

July 29 - FELIX HERNANDEZ RHYTHM REVUE > Staten Island > Clove Lakes Park


July 31 - JOE BATAAN / BOOGALOO ASSASSINS / DJ TURMIX > Staten Island > Clove Lakes Park

August 23 – La Mega 7th Annual Tropical Fest: Alex Sensation > En Central Park

August 24 – Fania All Stars  (Ticketed Benefit Show) > 
En Central Park


July 26 – Chronixx & The Zincfence Redemption / Junior Reid / The Rice and Peas Crew

July 27 – Rock Steady Crew 37th Anniversary Concert

July 29 – The Bowery Presents: Conor Oberst with special guest Dawes [Ticketed Benefit Show]

July 30 – The Bowery Presents: Ingrid Michaelson / Neulore [Ticketed Benefit Show]

August 2 – Dr. John & the Night Trippers / Hurray for the Riff Raff

August 3 – Gregory Porter & Revive Big Band

August 4 – The Bowery Presents: Old Crow Medicine Show / Langhorne Slim / Spirit Family Reunion [Ticketed Benefit Show]

August 6 – Spectrum Dance Theater / Sidra Bell Dance NY

August 9 – Motown Gospel Revue

August 10 – Passenger / Liam Bailey / DJ Natasha Diggs

August 11 – Urban Theatre Movement’s Handball

August 13 – The Bowery Presents: Gavin DeGraw / Matt Nathanson / Andrew McMahon [Ticketed Benefit Show]

August 17 – WBLS 6th Annual R&B Fest: Musiq 
Soul child


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Para disfrutar de la buena mesa, a precios asequibles, en algunos de los más reconocidos restaurantes del mundo, les traemos el listado del NY Restaurant Week 2014 con la mejor comida de inspiración Latina. La NYC Restaurant Week se realiza del 21 de Julio al 15 de Agosto. Este verano, el costo del pre-fixe se mantiene en $25/Almuerzo y $38/Cena. Buen Provecho!.

1) Andanada - Upper East Side. Spanish. Dinner only.
2) Calle Ocho - Upper East Side. Spanish. Dinner only.
3) Circus Upper East Side. Spanish. Lunch/Dinner.
4) Crema RestauranteChelsea. Mexican. Dinner only
5) Dos Caminos - Meatpacking - Park - Soho -Third Ave. Contemporary Mexican. Lunch/Dinner. 
6) Empellón Taquería - West Village. Mexican. Lunch only
7) La Fonda del Sol - Midtown East. Spanish, Tapas. Lunch/ Dinner
8) La Mar Cevichería Peruana - Flatiron. Peruvian. Dinner
9) Maya - New York - Upper East Side. Mexican. Dinner only.
10) Pampano - Midtown East. Mexican. Lunch only.
11) Sazón. Tribeca. Puerto Rican. Lunch/Dinner.
12 ) Sofrito -Midtown - Midtown East. Puerto Rican. Dinner only.
13)  Raymi - Chelsea. Latin American. Dinner only.
14)  Rayuela - Lower East Side. Latin American. Dinner only.
15) Rocking Horse Café - Chelsea. Mexican. Lunch/Dinner.
16)  Rosa Mexicano - Lincoln Center - Union Square. Mexican / Southwestern. Lunch/Dinner.
17)  Toloache - 
Theater District,Times Square. Mexican. Lunch/Dinner 
18) Victor's Café Theater District, Times Square. Cuban. Lunch/ Dinner. 
19) Yerba Buena (&Perry) - East Village/West Village. Latin/Spanish. Dinner only.

Para reservar y para más >> info.
Photo by Alex Guerrero ®2013


El Festival Out of Doors ya comenzó a llenar las plazas del Lincoln Center de música y performances. La música Latina ocupará 'centerstage' durante este mes de celebraciones al aire libre. Podremos disfrutar desde la Opera Latina 'Hommy' de Barry Harlow, pasando por la celebración de GlobalFest por primera vez en el verano con grupos como La Banda de los Muertos y BaianaSystem, al trovador José González y un tributo a Pete 'El Conde' Rodríguez con Johnny Pacheco como invitado central. Debemos añadir a esto el estreno de 'Piazzolla Caldera', la pieza de la Compañía de Danza Paul Taylor junto con El Nuevo Ensamble de Tango de Pablo Ziegler. El programa de poesía y música, La Casita, también regresa con un homenaje a Amiri Baraka y varios grupos de música Latina. La fiesta continúa hasta el 20 de Agosto. Aquí tienen los detalles:


* HOMMY: A Latin Opera. De Barry Harlow c/ Michael Stuart y Su Tremendo el 23 de Julio. Participan: Emo Luciano, Lisett Morales, Herman Olivera, Ray de la Paz, Adonis Puentes, Luisito Rosario, Michael Stuart, and Frankie Vasquez, Masacote Dance Company con Roberto Roena. Narrada por Ismael Carlo. 

Photo by Enid Farber
* A Batalha do Passinho de Brasil el 24 de Julio.

* GlobalFest: La Banda de los Muertos, M.A.K.U Soundsystem y BaianaSystem el 27 de Julio.

* El trovador José González canta el 31 Julio.

Piazzolla Caldera, la pieza de la Compañía de Danza Paul Taylor junto con El Nuevo Ensamble de Tango de Pablo Ziegler el 1 de Agosto.

Photo by Jack Mitchell

* La Casita. Programa de música y poesía el 2 y 3 de Agosto.

*  Tributo a Pete ‘El Conde” Rodríguez con Johnny Pacheco el 3 Agosto.

A todo esto se añaden performances de Roberta Flack, National Dance Day, Cassandra Wilson, Red Baraat, Indian and Chinese Dance companies, Arts of the Turko-Persian Diaspora, Celebrando a Jenneth Webster y un gran Festival Familiar el 26 de Julio.
Todos los eventos en el Festival Out of Doors son Gratuitos.
Plenty to enjoy, everyone!.
Para mas info, visiten > OUT OF DOORS.


La edición 26 del Festival LGBT NewFest comienza en pocos días y nos agarra, felizmente, justo cuando acabamos de lanzar nuestra propia sección LGBT en LatinoEvents. Desde estas páginas queremos ofrecerles una mirada a la experiencia LGBT Latina y global. El cine latino la explora cada vez más y presenta una realidad LGBT, muchas veces fuerte, siempre esperanzadora. El avance de los derechos, igualdad y respeto a la experiencia LGBT debe continuar y son películas como las aquí presentes y festivales como el NewFest que lo hacen posible.
El NewFest nos trae 16 películas, 5 documentales y un par de programas de cortos. De ellas, tenemos 5 producciones Latinas que no se deben perder. También hay un par de cortos y otras cuantas películas que les queremos resaltar. NewFest se celebra en el Lincoln Center del 24 al 29 de Julio.
Las producciones Latinas nos vienen de Argentina, Brasil y México: Futuro Beach (Karim Aïnouz, Brazil/Germany); I Am Happiness on Earth (Julián Hernández, Mexico); The Third One (Rodrigo Guerrero, Argentina); The Way He Looks (Daniel Ribeiro, Brazil) and What It Was.

Otras buenas opciones son  GERONTOPHILIA, de Bruce LaBruce; LILTING, con Ben Whishaw; BLACKBIRD, con Mo’Nique y Isaiah Washington; JAMIE MARKS IS DEAD, con Judy Greer, Liv Tyler y Cameron Monaghan; y LYLE, con Gaby Hoffmann.


* Futuro Beach > Opening Night
Karim Aïnouz, Brazil/Germany, 2013, DCP, 106m
German and Portuguese with English subtitles

When Brazilian lifeguard Donato fails to save a swimmer from drowning, he seeks out the victim’s friend Konrad, a handsome German biker. The two men begin a passionate affair, and Donato soon decides to follow Konrad to Berlin. Years later, their seemingly peaceful life is threatened by a visitor from Donato’s past. Director Karim Aïnouz (Madame Satã) delivers a visually stunning, emotionally resonant tale about three men struggling across oceans of love, loss, and heartache. A Strand Releasing release.
July 24, 7:00pm (preceded by Achievement Award presentation)

* The Third One
Rodrigo Guerrero, Argentina, 2013, DCP, 70m
Spanish with English subtitles

An attractive older couple stumbles upon a flirtatious young man in a chat room and, after teasing some skin, convinces him to come over to their apartment for dinner. With fumbling honesty and no shortage of sexiness, The Third One celebrates the awkwardness and euphoria of a one-night stand gone right, culminating in an explicit, 10-minute threesome that’s as erotic as it is playful.
July 29, 9:30pm (Q&A with Rodrigo Guerrero)

* I Am Happiness on Earth
Julián Hernández, Mexico, 2013, 115m
Spanish with English subtitles

Julián Hernández, one of Mexico’s premier queer filmmakers (Raging Sun, Raging Sky), returns with this tale of a film director struggling with the line between his sexually charged reality and equally arousing cinematic creations. Will Emiliano be able to sustain his relationship, or will his lust for beauty and meaning lead him elsewhere? Furious couplings between gorgeous men include an exhilaratingly explicit play-within-a-play. Hernández’s boldly poetic romance compares with such films as Fellini’s 8½, Godard’s Contempt, and others exploring the connections between love, sex, creativity, and filmmaking.
July 26, 9:00pm

* The Way He Looks
Daniel Ribeiro, Brazil, 2014, DCP, 96m
Portuguese with English subtitles

Set to the bouncy beats of Belle and Sebastian, this euphoric, sun-kissed coming-of-age fable—a sensation at the 2014 Berlin Film Festival, where it won a Teddy Award and FIPRESCI prize—dances entirely to its own tune. Stuck fending off bullies and over-protective parents, Leonardo spends his days allowing his best friend Giovana to drag him around town. Being blind has always been an inconvenience for Leonardo, but his angsty adolescence gets a lift when the handsome and smooth-talking Gabriel turns down numerous offers from ogling girls to hang with Leonardo after school. The longer they spend together, the more apparent their shared attraction becomes—not just to them but to a spurned Giovana as well. As social pressure mounts on both to fit within their confined social boxes, the two must decide whether to ignore their feelings or to throw caution to the wind and admit that they might actually be falling in love. A Strand Releasing release.
July 29, 4:30pm (Q&A with Daniel Ribeiro)

* What It Was
Daniel Armando, USA, 2013, 85m

In Daniel Armando’s multilayered film, Adina, a successful Latina actress, returns to New York in the aftermath of her sister’s death and her marriage’s collapse. Unable to face her mother, she finds herself in a fog, drifting through the days. Memories dissolve into the present as she tumbles through a series of intense, complex connections with a sexy, butch body artist, a young college student, and a former girlfriend. With confident directing, assured performances, and intuitive editing and cinematography, What It Was masterfully conveys the emotional textures of Adina’s waking dream of a life.
July 26, 4:00pm (Q&A with Daniel Armando)


* Gerontophilia > Closing Night
Bruce LaBruce, Canada, 2013, DCP, 81m

Lake refuses to feel shame about his unquenchable appetite for older men. The handsome teen defiantly signs up as an orderly at a local nursing home and quickly falls for Mr. Peabody, a charming, flirtatious soul with one last wish. Forget everything you know about filmmaker Bruce LaBruce: in what is easily his most romantic work to date, he dares us to look beyond fetish to embrace the beauty of all stages of life.
July 29, 7:00pm (Q&A with Bruce LaBruce)

* Lilting
Hong Khaou, UK, 2013, DCP, 86m
English and Mandarin with English subtitles

The sudden death of Kai, a young London man, leaves his Chinese Cambodian mother Junn (Pei-pei Cheng) and his boyfriend Richard (Ben Whishaw) profoundly grieving. Feeling a strong sense of responsibility for Kai’s only family member, Richard reaches out to her. Though Junn speaks little English, her dislike of Richard is plain, and she responds with stony resistance. Since they share no common language, Richard hires a translator to facilitate communication, and the two improbable relatives attempt to reach across a chasm of misunderstanding through their memories of Kai. Writer-director Hong Khaou’s moving and intimate debut dances between the real and imaginary to express the unspeakable loss that both characters experience. Boasting delicate performances by both Whishaw and Cheng, this Sundance award-winner is a perceptive meditation on the connection between two human souls, revealing that what separates us can also bind us together. A Strand Releasing release.
July 27, 7:30pm

* Lyle
Stewart Thorndike, USA, 2014, DCP, 65m
Lyle, Stewart Thorndike’s sinister ode to Rosemary’s Baby, finds the perfect mom-to-be in Gaby Hoffmann. Her electrifying performance as Leah, a pregnant lesbian confronted by an unspeakable evil, brings out a primal terror that’s difficult to shake. With dark humor and razor-sharp camerawork, Thorndike takes audiences into a growing nightmare as Leah begins to question the motives of her partner, friends, and neighbors.
July 28, 7:00pm (Q&A with Stewart Thorndike)

Patrik-Ian Polk, USA, 2013, 102m

A high-school senior named Randy (newcomer Julian Walker) and his band of queer friends fight for a life outside the constrictions of their small Southern Baptist town. Blackbird’s a powerful film, co-starring Academy Award winner Mo’Nique (Precious) and Isaiah Washington (Blue Caprice) as Randy’s conflicted parents, in which friends—black, white, straight, gay, and all things in between—discover firsthand both the rewards and consequences of growing up as outsiders.
July 25, 9:30pm (Q&A with Patrik-Ian Polk)

* Boys
Mischa Kamp, The Netherlands, 2014, DCP, 78m
Dutch with English subtitles
After making it onto the track team, 15-year-old Sieger instantly grows close to fellow runner Marc. Sieger, dealing with family troubles, and Marc, outgoing and engaging, fall in love over the course of a summer spent running, swimming, and stealing kisses in the forest. But Sieger must weigh how his widowed father feels against the joy and freedom he finds in Marc’s arms in this adorable romance.
July 24, 10:00pm

* The Circle
Stefan Haupt, Switzerland, 2014, DCP, 101m
German with English subtitles

A Teddy Award winner at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, The Circle captures an extraordinary romance set against the backdrop of Switzerland’s thriving post-WWII underground gay movement. Director Stefan Haupt has fashioned a gorgeous hybrid of a film, uncovering a vibrant love story between a singer and schoolteacher who bravely defied the constraining laws of their era.
July 26, 10:30am

* 52 Tuesdays
Sophie Hyde, Australia, 2013, DCP, 114m
Sixteen-year-old Billie (played by Australian rising star Tilda Cobham-Hervey) is blindsided by the news that her mother is planning to transition from female to male and that, during this time, Billie will live at her father’s house. Billie and her mother, now called James, agree to meet every Tuesday during their year apart. As James undergoes changes and becomes less emotionally available, Billie covertly explores her own identity and sexuality with two older schoolmates, testing the limits of her own power, desire, and independence. A Kino Lorber Release.
July 24, 4:00pm

Jamie Marks Is Dead
Carter Smith, USA, 2014, DCP, 100m
When the ghost of bullied teenager Jamie Marks (Noah Silver) appears to Adam (Cameron Monaghan), the straitlaced track star becomes caught between two worlds. Despite a budding romance with Gracie (Morgan Saylor), who found Jamie’s body, Adam is fascinated by the sexy spirit, who leads him into a ghostly underworld. Also featuring Judy Greer and Liv Tyler, this supernatural-horror love story—a Sundance gem—delivers a poetic tale of sexuality and the tough choices it creates.
July 28, 9:30pm (Q&A with Carter Smith)

For more info, visit > NewFest.