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This great NY institution always has an array of programs, from music to lectures to exhibits, highlighting every corner and culture of the Americas. This time around, it brings Us a closer look a the Mapuche Culture still located in parts of what is today Chile and Argentina. The Mapuche population in Argentina has grown to around two hundred and fifty thousand. In the Chilean population census of 1992, carried out by the National Institute of Statistics, approximately one million people surveyed declared themselves to be Mapuche. They are the only South American native nation that was never conquered by Spain. In fact, on the 6th January 1641 the Mapuche nation and the Spanish Empire concluded and signed the treaty of Killin, in which the Spanish Crown recognised the territorial autonomy of the Mapuche nation. From this date, for more than two centuries, the Bío-Bío river was respected as a natural frontier and the lands to the south of this boundary as territory of the Mapuche nation in full exercise of its right to self-determination. For more on The Mapuche Nation. To learn more on the exhibit please visit

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