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I mean, Venezuela has been without a real Legislative Branch of Government for several years now. Since Chavistas came to absolute power, the legislative branch of the Venezuelan State was replace by Chávez's coterie. Similar to what Silvio Berlusconi did in Italy, making a mockery of 'separación de poderes' . El Capitolio de Caracas has seen better days and it will need a damn good exorcism job to get the place clean off, before it serves its original purpose again. The Mock Asamblea or 'Asamblea de Las Focas' just today, went on a 4 weeks recess so as to devote itself to Mr. Chavez's campaign to become, officially, President for Life....How apropiate! What a gift to the people!
I don't know if they are forced to be open and vocal allies of Mr. Chavéz as so many Venezuelans, that are forced to go to parades and events just because the GP (golpista-presidente Chávez) so desires. The Asamblea blindly supports its boss and wants to be part of this amazing 'robolusion'. Just imagine, now, they too, will be able to keep their jobs forever, not just Mr. Chavéz. An unfortunate turns of events for the GP, since now as Cacique Mayor will have to deal with his loyal public servants as princes for life on their respective dominions. La Edad Feudal amongs Us again. CHAVEZUELA, INC.
Fortunately for the rest of Us, the National Legislative Branch is not the place for that kind of partisan politics. Balance of Power ? Sure. According to the Constitution. But who cares? Chavezuela, Inc., doesn't. Many Venezuelans either. How many Venezuelans DO care? A plenty. Change is coming.

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