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Supporting a call made by I sent a note to the New York Times protesting the usual republican tactics of doing the wrong thing. They are trying now to block as much as possible the confirmation of Hilda Solis for the Department of Labor. They keep on talking and trying to become somehow relevant again. They are not succeeding. What they are doing is just standing in the way, wasting our time and more importantly, preventing the government from doing what we need it to do: economy recovery, green economy, regulations, equality for all.
Here is my message to Republicans and to the NYT:

"What is left of the once called Republican Party keeps doing what has always done best: small thinking, out of touch policies, pandering to his core and only constituency, the right, the nativist, the bigots. Their irrelevance is for all to see and yet we are allowing them to keep pushing us around in the name of bi-partisanship!!! stop it Now! HILDA Now!

You can act today by visiting and participate. Here

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