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NO with a Full Moon over Caracas 2 days ago. Photo: Noticiero Digital

This coming Sunday 15 another national vote will give Mr. Chávez and his allies a change to become President-for Life or Governor for-Life or Mayor-for-Life. The assault and dismantling of every Republican institution essential for any democracy to be call such, is appalling. The inaction on the part or the US, UN, OAS and the EU make it very easy for Chávez to get away with it. Democrats in Venezuela are fighting the good fight and they need our support. The chavista misgovernment uses its might to stamp out democracy, pluralist and just plain respect for the other that think different. With Bush gone, the Jewish community is under attack. They are the new enemies along with over 50% of Venezuelans that simply refuse to be brainless or simply, numbers, in a mighty, inept, corrupt, vulgar and anachronistic dictatorship with a bunch of thugs at the helm. Anyone that has a fair understanding of the Venezuelan situation knows that his bullying, repression, control of national institutions, fear and intimidation or just plain state terrorism are the only reason Chávez is still in power. The majority of Venezuelans said NO back in December and will certainly say NO this coming Sunday, no matter what Mr. Chávez polls say. With such an unfair advantage, the victory of the NO will be more remarkable that any of us in the US will ever understand. If Chávez is able to get a "victory", shame on all of Us. It is telling that while We in the US celebrate President's Day, our brothers and sisters in Venezuela are been pushed around like cattle to elect a Dictator as President-for-life. Such a mockery!
The Washington Post just published this article on the situation in Venezuela. It starts with the subtitle: "With George W. Bush gone, Venezuela's strongman has found new enemies." And keeps going: "VENEZUELAN President Hugo Chávez, who says he intends to remain in office for decades to come, lost a referendum 14 months ago that would have removed the constitutional limit on his tenure. When he announced another referendum in December, the first polls showed him losing again by a wide margin. Yet, as Sunday's vote approaches, his government is predicting victory -- and some polls show him with a narrow advantage. How did Latin America's self-styled "Bolivarian revolutionary" turn his fortunes around? Not through rational argument, it is fair to say. Mr. Chávez's regime has mounted a propaganda and intimidation campaign of a ferocity rarely seen in Latin America since the region returned to democracy 25 years ago. Pro-Chávez rhetoric dominates the national airwaves, from which opposition voices have been almost entirely excluded. Pro-government thugs have targeted student demonstrations, the home of an opposition journalist and the Vatican's embassy, which gave shelter to one student leader. Read article here

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