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Here is a post coming from America's Voice, an organization looking for common sense in the immigration reform. The sheriff of Phoenix is going 'loco' on undocumented people, parading them to a concentration camp. Fox is giving him a tv piece of the pie of hate and ratings (or pan y circo). The post says: Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Law Enforcement Out of Control

We told you about how self-proclaimed "America's Toughest Sheriff" Joe Arpaio launched a reality television show for the New Year. How the FOX network gave a giant megaphone to a public official known for his anti-immigrant antics and racial profiling.

Well, now it gets worse.

Joe is on a rampage, rounding up immigrants and shipping them off to separate "tent cities" surrounded by electric fences, according to The Maricopa County office announced the project in a statement, "Arpaio Orders Move of Hundreds of Illegal Aliens to Their Own Tent City." We'll let you draw your own conclusions about why Joe wants to segregate immigrants from the rest of his inmates, but here's what you should know about Joe:

  • 2,700 lawsuits have been filed against Arpaio

  • Joe prioritizes immigrant sweeps over prosecuting felons (there are 40,000 outstanding warrants in his county)

  • The Sheriff discriminates against Latinos, as found in an Arizona Republic study

  • Joe even staged a phony murder plot against himself!

Take a look at this video and please take action by signing a petition to have Arpaio investigated.

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