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The exhibition series Glocal Proposals organized by SOLAR owner/director, Esperanza León, continues at Elga Wimmer PCC, New York City. Glocal Proposals II consists of a suite of recent photographs by Majorcan artist, Miquel Salom, titled Esperant and on view through 10 March 2009. Miquel Salom, who is from the Mediterranean island of Majorca, is a masterful manipulator of light and image, working in photography without employing any digital effects whatsoever, purely direct representation. The current series titled Esperant [Waiting] captures glowing orbs and colourful spirals that have the power and energy of vortices. Salom's sensitive manipulation of objects and light has come across in past work, yet it is in this series that the enigma of the image results in an altogether more powerful visual statement. In these photographs, he represents light as we might sense it, as pure colour and energy, but passes beyond to an inner response, transcendental and infinite, that leaves one to meditate on existence, or in his own words, "centuries...beings and souls, birth, beauty, death...always,"
10 February - 10 March 2009 @ Elga Wimmer, 526 West 26th Street, #310
Opening Reception with the Artist, Thursday, 12 February, 6-8 p.m.

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