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That 's right! From today, April 17 until the 23rd we all celebrate the soul of our town, all of us.! There are plenty of free events and activities in all 5 boroughs, many of them already mention here in Tespis Magazine. There are so many activities that you will have a hard time making a choice, but there is something for everyone: every country is in New York!
With all this nonsense about immigration going around in some quarters and with the possibility of finally achieving an Immigration Reform worthy of our national values, it is great that New York is celebrating the essence of what this country is about : immigrants from every corner of this planet. Let's never forget it, people! So let's celebrate US!
Music, dance, books & poetry reading, children's programs, museums, photography, film, theater, cuisine, cultural celebrations. Enjoy!
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Photo Alex Guerrero. EVERY ONE. 2008

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