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I read about Mr. Peretz racist remarks while reading a post at the Think Progress website. As the new editor of The New Republic, Marty Peretz, published a post that is nothing short of racist and that shows the kind of distorted, unfair and idiotic approach the conservative media uses when it comes to address such important issues as immigration and market realities. To call México - and by extention all countries south of the border- a failed state, to say such atrocities such as "a Latin society with all of its characteristic deficiencies: congenital corruption,.....near-tropical work habits" is simple beyond the pale. This is not new at all. The Conquistadores and the "men of god" used something similar to justify enslaving the natives using the image of the "Good, but not up to the part, Savage": They were unable to be part of the civilized world like them or hard working like them. Slavery was justified more or less the same way. A determinist approach run amock. The 'congenital deficiencies' part, was pretty much apply to all spheres of life and taken as gospel, since the Catholic Church and Protestantist sanctioned it for their own benefits and the glory of their "god". The nativists and conservatives in the US of A are now the standard bearers of this concoction of bigotry: Now, as always, the US is blameless. Since we are the chosen people we haven't done anything wrong after all.
Alas, such bullshit!
Looking at the sorry state of our economy, the illegal wars, the mess Wall Street and Corporate America put us into with the green light given to them by the republicans in government and conservative powers to be in Washington, I say to Marty Peretz et al: speaking about characteristic deficiencies: corruption, work habits, government incompetence? Take a hard and a long look at yourselves in the mirror!
Honesty may, yes, be congenital in all of us.! I know is difficult for you people, but for once, give it a try. When there is not honesty, bigotry is born.
There is always a bigot out there, and we all need to stand up to it time and again. Honestly.

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