America's Future Now! Progressives are on the move.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 , Posted by LATINO EVENTS Y TESPIS MAGAZINE at 9:13 PM

The largest gathering of progressive activists and leaders from across the country kicked off in Washington D.C. on June 1, with a plan to critically assess the early accomplishments of the progressive movement under the new presidential administration and Congress that progressives have helped bring to power. They also came together with plans for the long haul – for carrying out the great new mission of our lifetimes: mobilizing a democratic majority to make progressive change that can shape America’s Future Now!

Attendees represent the breadth of the grassroots organizing networks, issue coalitions and national and local leadership organizations that make up the growing progressive movement—from students to women, to civil rights and environmental activists, to labor, elected officials and young visionaries.

They all came to Washington with this declaration: It’s our time for bold progressive reform. Visit their site:

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