Apologists: Iran then. Venezuela and Honduras now.

Friday, July 3, 2009 , Posted by LATINO EVENTS Y TESPIS MAGAZINE at 8:51 PM

The Huffington Post has an article titled 'The Other 9/11 Has Returned to Stalk Latin America', concerning the recent coup or constitutional change in Honduras and the Chavista Revolution in Venezuela. I beg to differ from the author of this article. Like apologists of the so called Iranian Revolution 30 years ago, the Bolivarian Revolution has many. I hope it doesn't take them 30 years to see the light. 'El gendarme necesario' could be an military man or a president. Both have to be fought. 
Following is my comment on the Huff Post:

Apologists of the Iranian Revolution 30 years ago received the message loud and clear this past Iranian Election: Your revolution is a fraud, after all.
I know many Venezuelans, a mayority, keep fighting to prevent the Bolivarian Revolution to be around for 30 long years. Many, a mayority, already know that the Chavista regime is not up to the part in conducting our res publica. A fraud is a fraud is a fraud. Irán or Venezuela.
30 years is a lot of time to waste. We want a REAL Progressive Venezuelan Goverment and Society. Anything else is out of the question. Chávez wants to be 'el gerdarme necesario'. Venezuelans keep telling him: 'we don't need such a man'. A false left, misguided and criminal, like the one Chavez and Co., are trying to spread, is an anachronistic remnant of 18th century Caudillismo. It is a total affront to a 21st century individual.
The Club 'President Forever' is getting away with trampling constitutions, civil liberties and plurality all based on the idea of saving the people from the oligarchy. Is soooooo tired. Specially when the gap between talk and action in real life is so insulting. For a Progressive Venezuela.
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