Introducing: Tespis Highlights: Alex Cuba (2 free downloads), Olympia Snowe, NNFF09 and Almodóvar

Thursday, September 24, 2009 , Posted by LATINO EVENTS Y TESPIS MAGAZINE at 12:12 PM

I just added new elements to the magazine. On top of the home page we now have TESPIS HIGHLIGHTS: video picks on music, interviews, politics and events.
 Today's Highlights:

* Alex Cuba in an interview and listen to his recently released 'Agua de Pozo' and 'Si pero no". If you haven't listen to Alex, today is your chance! and you will love it: His voice, his songs and his latino music will take you places, put a big smile in your face and have you dancing in no time.
Since you are going to love Alex go ahead and download 2 songs from his new album!
Download here: 

* "Agua Del Pozo" written & performed by Alex Cuba
* "Vampiro" written & performed by Alex Cuba
* We need to keep the pressure on Olympia Snowe and get her to support the Public Option. Please take action.
* A trailer for the 47 New York Film Festival and 'Los Abrazos Rotos', the latest Almodóvar film also a part of the #NYFF09.

Some suggestions, anyone?

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