Pedro Almodóvar y Penélope Cruz en el NYT

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Al igual que su colaboración con Carmen Maura por ejemplo, la relación entre director y actriz siempre han sido muy creativa. Las Almas Gemelas del Cine.

Cinematic Soul Mates  by Mark Harris -NYT

 SITTING in an East Side hotel suite in early October, across from the writer-director Pedro Almodóvar, Penélope Cruz picked up a glossy, oversized magazine and gazed admiringly at the cover photograph of Uma Thurman. “It’s good,” she said, turning the picture toward Mr. Almodóvar, her eyes seeking his endorsement.

He leaned toward it, enthusiastically assessing Ms. Thurman’s pose and cropped blond coiffure. “Yes, yes,” he said to Ms. Cruz, accelerating from English into Spanish as his mind started racing along tracks of celluloid. “Actresses, when they are close to 40, cut their hair. It always makes them look younger. Remember Sharon Stone? How she cut her hair when she was about 40, 42? It was good!”
He seemed, for a moment, transfixed by the cover, as Ms. Thurman’s image entered his mind, to be collated and cross-indexed with thousands of other mental snapshots of actresses. “It’s true,” he said, laughing. “I really am fascinated by actresses, by everything they do, even by the dressing room, which is the sanctum sanctorum of any actress. And I am especially fascinated by actresses who play actresses.”
Which is precisely what Ms. Cruz does in “Broken Embraces,” Mr. Almodóvar’s fourth collaboration with her....

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