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Thursday, January 7, 2010 , Posted by LATINO EVENTS Y TESPIS MAGAZINE at 2:50 PM

“It’s a kind of funky, crazy, dirty world music,” says Greek-Albanian-Spanish-Egyptian-Brazilian music industry veteran Alexandra Casazza, who runs the San Francisco booking agency Trouble Worldwide, a co-presenter of the six-act mini-fest "Here Comes Trouble". Is happening tomorrow, Jan 8 at the 92Ytribeca. Most of the participants are great Latino bands based in NYC. It Is the tip of the iceberg. I am getting exposed more and more to the latin music scene in NYC and I am just comenzando! This weekend we have several acts in town: along with "Here Comes Trouble' , we have GlobalFest, taking place in Webster Hall this coming Sunday, Jan 10. ( see previous post). I am planning some interviews as well to get to know some of these bands. Además, You can check out new music from India at Drom, put on by the breakthrough global electronica label EarthSync  or the amazing Lebanese-born multi-instrumentalist Abaji  that will be part of the third annual Mondo Mundo Festival on January, 9th at the Hiro Ballroom ( with Ocote Soul Sounds, Toshi Reagon & BIGLovely, Burkina Electric).

For 'Here Comes Trouble" the show goes as follows:

8 PM -  Bad reputation: Pierre de Gaillande Sings
Franco-American singer and composer re-imagines iconic French singer George Brassens' classics

8:45 PM -  Rana Santacruz
“Irish Mariachi” from former member of Mexico's La Catrina.

9:30 PM  - Pistolera
 “...a foot-stomping sound that's one part ranchera and one part indie-pop.” -The New Yorker

10:15 PM - Chicha Libre
Latin rhythms, surf music, and psychedelic pop inspired by Peruvian music from the Amazon.

11:00 PM - The Cuban Cowboys
"So hip-rocking, it makes you want to buy a cowboy hat and howl at the moon." - New York Post

11:45 PM -  Slavic Soul Party!
Fiery Gypsy brass, soulful Balkan anthems, and hip-grinding American funk.

Is going to be fun! Keep you posted!

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