BRIAN GREEN on The World Science Festival

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 , Posted by LATINO EVENTS Y TESPIS MAGAZINE at 1:23 PM

I was part of the first  NASA Tweetup outside of NASA HQ! The event took place here in New York City as part of the World Science Festival. Around 100 Tweeps were invited to participate along with BRIAN GREEN, CO-FOUNDER OF THE WORLD SCIENCE FESTIVAL, the 2006 Nobel Prize John Maher ( Big Bang Theory, Hubble and James Webb Telescopes ) and NASA Astronauts Melvin Leland or @Astro_Flow and Sandra Magnus  or @Astro_Sandy.
In this video,  Brian Green talks about THE ORIGEN OF THE FESTIVAL AND ITS MISSION,  the STEPHEN HAWKING's Tribute and about some of the key events presented during the World Science Festival.
Brian Green is professor at Columbia University, wrote The Elegant Universe (Made into a NOVA series) and is behind THE SUPERSTRING THEORY.
THERE ARE MORE VIDEOS COMING! from John Maher, Astro_Flow and Astro_Sandy.

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