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With 121 films ( features and shorts) the New York Internacional Latino Film Festival will take place in several theaters in town until August 1. Here is a small list of some of the productions you can enjoy. Please visit the festival's website for more info, times and venues.


*TROPICO DE SANGRE de Juan Delancer
By the late 1950s Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo's reign of terror over the Dominican Republic had lasted nearly thirty years. And yet the Mirabel sisters, led by feisty, passionate Minerva, would come to represent the greatest threat to his regime. Daring to stand up against him, they soon became folk heroes to the oppressed Dominican people. Their cold-blooded murder at the hands of Trujillo's thugs would prove to be the fearsome dictator's ultimate undoing.

*THE DRY LAND de Ryan Piers Williams 2009
James (Ryan O’Nan) returns from Iraq to face a new battle—reintegrating into his small- town life in Texas. His wife (America Ferrera), his mother (Melissa Leo), and his friend (Jason Ritter) provide support, but they can’t fully understand the pain and suffering he feels since his tour of duty ended. Lonely, James reconnects with an army buddy (Wilmer Valderrama), who provides him with compassion and camaraderie during his battle to process his experiences in Iraq. But their reunion also exposes the different ways that war affects people—at least on the surface.

*HAVANA EVA de Fina Torres.
In a Havana shaken by Fidel's retirement, Eva, a young seamstress stuck working in a factory and with an adorable but lazy boyfriend, dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Her life changes when she meets a dazzling and very capitalistic ex-patriot, who fans her hopes -- but is on a greedy personal mission. In what serves as a sly metaphor for Cuba's future options, Eva must choose between the two men she loves -- and what direction her life will take.

"Immigrant Nation!" tells the story of the modern immigrant rights movement and the struggle of single mother, Elvira Arellano, who fought against her deportation, eventually seeking refuge at Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago. In what became a national groundswell, organizations, activists and community leaders came together not only to protest on behalf of Elvira, but also to oppose the anti-immigration bill HR4437 passed by Congress in Washington, D.C.

Three young women living in poverty and struggling with dysfunctional families and early pregnancy turn to prostitution to survive. Yet despite this grim reality, Jessica, Daiane and Sabrina attempt to partake in the everyday joys and dramas of being young women: they laugh and gossip over new boyfriends, skip school to go to the beach and dream of getting an mp3 player. Theirs is a life of tragedy and beauty. "Stolen Dreams" is a rare film: one that pulls no punches, yet is infused with a gentle, poetic sensibility. 

MIENTE de Rafi Mercado
An artist caught between reality and fantasy. A friend with a dangerous thirst for adrenaline. And, a beautiful girlfriend with wild desires. “Miente” is a psychological thriller with a triangle relationship that takes you to the edge. Winner of the Havana Prize for Best Director at the Havana Film Festival New York 2010

*REGRESA (RETURN) de Alejandro González Padilla
When her husband Ernesto throws himself into work and refuses to start a family, Maria begins to think he is having an affair and turns to hypnosis to help her understand her relationship. But at the end of the session, she doesn't come back as herself. Instead, Maria is convinced she is a Basque princess engaged to a prince from the 15th century.

*EL CUARTO DE LEO (Leo's Room)  de Enrique Buchichio
Affable but secretly troubled twenty-something Leo is desperately trying to come to terms with himself and his sexuality. In the privacy of his rented room, he surrounds himself with the comforts of music, wholly unmotivated to finish college or find a full-time job. After breaking up with his girlfriend, he starts cruising the Internet for male companionship. A chance reunion with a classmate he once desired spurs him to reassess the life of gentle lies he has been leading.

*DZI CROQUETTES de Tatiana Issa, Raphael Alvarez
The Dzi Croquettes were a groundbreaking dance and theatre group who used their talent and a mix of humor and derision to challenge the violent dictatorship that gripped Brazil in the 1970s. Creating a new stage language that would influence an entire generation, this theatre group revolutionized the gay movement despite being banned and censored by the military regime. "Dzi Croquettes were revolutionary men who showed the world that humans can be both masculine and feminine!" -- Liza Minnelli. Dzi Croquettes, was a winner at 2009 Rio de Janerio Int. Film Festival. It was part of Premiere Brazil! 2010 at the MoMa in NYC.

*THE TWO ESCOBARS de Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist
In the 1990s, the Colombian soccer team set out to blaze a new image for their crime-torn country and rapidly rose to the top ranks. Central to this success were the two Escobars: Andrés, the captain of the National Team, and Pablo, the infamous drug baron, who pioneered the phenomenon known as "Narco-soccer." But just when Colombia was expected to win the 1994 World Cup, the shocking murder of Andrés Escobar dashed the hopes of a nation. This film daringly investigates the truth behind the murder. It was part of this year's Tribeca Film Festival.

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