El Retrato de Felipe IV de VELAZQUEZ. Frick Collection.Hasta Enero 23

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The King at War: Velázquezʼs Portrait of Philip IV.

Painted at the height of Velázquez's career, the Frick's King Philip IV of Spain (1644) is one of the artist's consummate achievements. Contemporary chronicles as well as bills and invoices in Spanish archives indicate that it was painted in a makeshift studio only a few miles from the frontlines of a battle, and that it was completed in just three sittings. The work, which shows its subject dressed in military costume, an atypical depiction, was sent to Madrid where it was used during a victory celebration. Displayed in a church under a rich canopy embroidered in gold, the painting embodied the contemporary idea of monarchy as the divinely sanctioned form of government.

Hasta Enero 23, 2011. The Frick Collection.

Foto: Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez (1599–1660) King Philip IV of Spain, 1644
Oil on canvas 51 1⁄8 x 39 1⁄8 inches The Frick Collection, New York Photo: Michael Bodycomb

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