SPANISH CINEMA NOW en el Lincoln Center. Hasta Diciembre 23.

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The past three years saw the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War, during which many new studies and reports offered revelations and refinements to our knowledge of the conflict. Reflecting that, a number of films in this year’s program are set during the Civil War or immediately thereafter, and even if they are not concerned directly with conflict, the Civil War very much informs the atmosphere, the characters, and the way they act. Alex de la Iglesia’s The Last Circus, for example, begins with a powerful Civil War scene, then moves to another era while detailing the lingering influence of that first scene. With no longer a need to rehash the issues or declare a stand, filmmakers feel a freedom to explore lesser-known, more offbeat aspects of the conflict. 

Aita aka Father, Anything You Want, Aro Tolbukhin, Black Bread, Caracremada , Chico y Rita The Consul of Sodom, 80 Days, Elisa K., Even the Rain, El Gran Vazquez, Guest In a Glass Cage, Julia's Eyes, Kidnapped, The Last Circus Lope, El Mar, Moon Child, On the Empty Balcony
Paper Birds, Shortmetraje, Stars to Wish Upon.

This year Spanish Cinema Now also includes a tribute to Agustí Villaronga, one of Spanish cinema’s most affecting (and darkest) filmmakers, as well as a rare opportunity to see a masterpiece of the “exiled” Spanish cinema, On the Empty Balcony, courtesy of the Filmoteca Española.

SPANISH CINEMA NOW se realiza del 10 al 23 de Diciembre en el Lincoln Center.

1. Caracremada - Lluis Galter 
2- 80 Days - Jon Garaño & José Mari Goenaga

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