Jazz Latino en el NY Winter Jazz Festival. Enero 7-8.

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Aqui tienen una pequeña reseña de los artistas latinos que pueden disfrutar durante el NN Winter Jazz festival que se celebra hoy y mañana en diversos locales de la ciudad. Visiten winterjazzfest para horas y locales.

Arturo O'Farrill Trio
Arturo O'Farrill, piano / Zach O'Farrill drums / Greg August, bass

Pianist, composer, educator and winner of the Latin Jazz USA Outstanding Achievement Award for 2003, Artuto was born  in Mexico and grew up  in New York City.  In 2002, Mr. O’Farrill  created  the  Afro  Latin  Jazz Orchestra  for  Jazz  at  Lincoln  Center  due in part to a large and  very demanding body of substantial music in the genre of Latin and Afro Cuban Jazz that deserves to be much more widely appreciated and experienced by the general jazz audience. His debut album with the Orchestra “Una Noche Inolvidable” earned a GRAMMY award nomination in

Dafnis Prieto Proverb Trio featuring Kokayi & Jason Lindner
Dafnis Prieto, drums / Kokayi, vocals, poetry / Jason Lindner, keyboards 

Since making its debut at the Whitney Museum in early 2009, the Proverb Trio has deepened its rapport and honed its sound in a series of New York club appearances and on a tour of the Western US. The entirely improvised interactions of Dafnis Prieto’s virtuosic and dynamic drumming, Kokayi's rapid-fire rapping and soulful singing, and Jason Lindner's harmonic sophistication and daring sound explorations yield exhilarating results. Because the group creates advanced compositional structures on the spot, the music is full of surprises and takes a different, explosive shape every night, but always with the Proverb Trio’s distinct personality and engaging spirit. 

The seeds for the Proverb Trio were planted when Cuban-born drummer/composer Prieto and Washington D.C.–based poet and vocalist artist Kokayi first performed together at the 2004 Saalfelden Jazz Festival in Austria. Their immediate musical rapport inspired them to play several more duo concerts in Europe and New York, after which they were ready to expand into a trio with keyboardist Lindner, who had collaborated with Prieto in the drummer’s Absolute Quintet. 

Juan-Carlos Formell & Johnny’s Dream Club
Juan-Carlos Formell, guitar, vocals / Pedro Giraudo, bass / Lewis Kahn, trombone, violin / Jorge Leyva, percussion / Elio Villafranca, piano

Grammy-nominated Cuban guitarist/composer/vocalist Juan-Carlos Formell and an all-star band re-ignite the connections between Cuban music and jazz with the explosive new project “Johnny’s Dream Club”. Named for a legendary Havana nightspot, “Johnny's Dream Club” represents a place outside time – the vortex between New Orleans and Havana, where the parallel lines of Cuban music and jazz converge. It's a new dimension of Latin jazz: intense, lyrical, dangerously dream-like.
Juan-Carlos Formell was born in Havana in 1964, a fourth generation Cuban musician. A classically trained bassist, virtuoso guitarist, and composer gifted with a groundbreaking and powerful writing style, Juan-Carlos has forged a post-modern identity for AfroCuban music that has been hailed as “musical magic realism”. He describes his new project as "a reflection of our culture today -- in the post-modern landscape, we are all refugees from the broken city, haunted, adrift at sea, in danger of losing our true reference points and losing our way forever.”

Marianni, vocals 

Marianni is about to make everyone get up and dance. Her debut CD Swimming to the Moon is a colorful and pulsating mix of Brazilian rhythms and pop grooves. The record is produced by the legendary Eumir Deodato, the eclectic Misha Piatigorsky, and Grammy Award winner Itaal Shur.

Sofia Rei Koutsovitis (top pic)
Sofia Rei Koutsovitis , vocals / Eric Kurimski, guitar / Jorge Roeder, bass / Yayo Serka, drums / Samuel Torres, percussion

Sofia Rei Koutsovitis is one of New York’s most passionate, charismatic and inventive vocalists, but she brings more than the depth and fullness of a riveting voice to her second album, Sube Azul (World Village/Harmonia Mundi). She also serves as the album’s composer, arranger, lyricist and — with bassist Jorge Roeder — producer. Following up on Ojalá, her polyglot and multilingual debut, she offers this time a collection of mostly original Spanish-language songs, building on a new set of growth experiences since moving to New York in 2005.
Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, her project is grounded in traditional South American rhythms such as chacarera, zamba and vidala from Argentina, Afro-Peruvian festejo and lando, Afro-Uruguayan candombe, Colombian cumbia and bullerengue and other genres that merge involving jazz harmonies, electronic sounds and rich improvisations. Singing in Spanish, Portuguese or English, Sofia's voice is so graceful as sophisticated, tying together diverse influences in a program full of rhythmic complexity, melody and romance. Her ensemble produces a range of textures as diverse as the cultural roots of its members, an international cast that includes some of the most exciting young talent from North and South America.

Underground Horns
Welf Dorr, alto sax / Kevin Moehringer, trombone / Mike Irwin, trumpet / Ibanda Ruhumbika, tuba / Okai, djembe / Kevin Raczka, drums

Underground Horns is a 6-piece brass band playing Afro Funk Bhangra New Orleans Salsa grooves & beyond.
“We are cooking audio gumbo…our special recipe includes some funk, jazz, hip hop mixed with brass band traditions spiced up with African and other world rhythms…music for the people!”

Axel T. Laugart, piano, keyboards / Amaury Acosta, drums / Chris Smith, bass / Micheal Valenu, guitar / Max Cudworth, alto saxophone, effects / Xiomara Laugart, vocals / Pedrito Martinez, congas, batas, vocals / Mauricio Herrera, congas, batas / Lucas Pino, tenor, soprano saxophone / Mike Rodriguez, trumpet / Luques Curtis, bass
(U)nity was conceived in the summer of 2006. By Cuban American Drummer Amaury Acosta & Cuban Pianist Axel Tosca Laugart.  They envisioned many musical projects and ideas. Their vision was to create a sound that has never been done before. Fusing Their Afro Cuban Culture with Modern Jazz, R&B, Gospel & Hip Hop.  After several months of playing with several musicians they still didn’t find the right candidates. In fall 2008 they met French Guitarist Michael Valeanu, and Minneapolis Native Bassist Christopher Smith, and they began playing and composing collectively.

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