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January 21 is the day to go and enjoy 'la música' from Si*Se and Zigmat, two of the best latino bands coming out of Nueva York!

SI*SE: Formed in the beginning of 2000 by singer/DJ Carol C. and programmer U.F. Low, Si*Sé bring together a wonderful mix of electronica, soul and latin rhythms.

After being connected through a mutual friend, Carol C. and U.F. Low spent a few months getting acquainted and sharing musical ideas over the phone. Finally they met once before going into a studio and recording a 5 track demo in one day. This very demo fell into the hands of LuakaBop amongst other record labels and everyone wanted more. It was time to put a live act together and both Carol and Cliff agreed they wanted to get musicians involved. Cliff turned to college friend Ryan Farley (drums) and Carol got friends Jeannie Oliver (viola), Neil Ochoa (percussion) and Morgan Phillips (bass) involved. Each member brings his/her influence into the music but they have one thing in common and that's New York City. Listening to their music is like walking through the streets of New York, urban and full of culture. 


The Brooklyn band Zigmat is fronted by vocalist Mónica Rodríguez and bassist Stephen Yonkin. This ensemble brings together an eclectic mix of Bi-lingual Electronic / Rock in a unique way that has won over critics and fans around the world.

In the past two years, the band has been signed by two labels (Ultra Records in Brazil and Actua Music in Spain), has made national radio and TV appearances in the US and Spain, and has performed in the US, Brazil, Mexico and Europe.

La cita es el 21 de Enero, 8PM. Highline Ballroom.

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