#Arte: Les Noces (The Wedding) de Arturo Herrera. Hasta Abril 30. Americas Society

Thursday, February 3, 2011 , Posted by LATINO EVENTS Y TESPIS MAGAZINE at 11:16 PM

Americas Society is presenting Arturo Herrera’s groundbreaking installation Les Noces, the artist’s first work to incorporate music and moving images to New York audiences. Herrera is internationally renowned for his explorations of a wide variety of different media, including collage, sculpture, photography, prints, and, more recently, video. His practice is deeply informed by the history of modernist abstraction.

Les Noces is a two-channel digital projection based on the 1923 ballet of the same name, scored by the composer Igor Stravinsky for Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes. Herrera has digitally reworked fragments of his own works as well as leftovers gathered from his studio into an ever-shifting dance of abstract black-and-white images set to Stravinsky’s music. This chance-based process intentionally invokes the mutable nature of performance as well as the transformative power of collage: no dance is ever performed exactly the same way twice. The use of Stravinsky’s complex music score in conjunction with fragmented materials animated and projected as moving images also addresses the difficulty to make abstraction an intelligible process.

Along with the exhibit, Americas Society is presenting a panel called 

Exploring Abstraction in Les Noces, on February 7, 6PM.

The panel will examine the relationship between art, film, and dance from the historical avant-garde to the present. Guest speakers will discuss Arturo Herrera's appropriation of Igor Stravinsky's 1923 ballet in his work Les Noces (The Wedding).

Guest Speakers: Arturo Herrera (Artist); Sherry Dobbin (Director, The Watermill Center); Lynn Garafola (Professor of Dance, Barnard College); Moderated by Gabriela Rangel (Exhibition Curator, Americas Society)

For more information and tickets (free with reservation, for panel) visit their website: Americas Society

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