El Festival de New Directors/ New Films: Tres películas de América Latina y un corto

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Esta semana vi varias películas que se presentarán en el Festival New Directors / New Films.  Son tres producciones y un corto muy sólidos los que se presentan de América Latina. Variadas las situaciones que retratan partes de una realidad familiar a muchos latinoamericanos: Hombres como sementales, Madres solteras, mujeres desprotegidas, ignoradas, dependientes y castradas, el embarazo juvenil, la narco economía.... y el sub-realismo. La lucha por seguir adelante y la caida. Los finales y los comienzos. 

Bueno nada, aqui tienen la info esencial: Que las disfruten!

* OCTUBRE (2010, 93min) Directors: Daniel and Diego Vega. Country: Peru.

Co-directed by brothers Daniel and Diego Vega, OCTUBRE follows a small-time money-lender living in a Lima barrio who one day discovers a baby left on his doorstep. To care for the child--the product of one of his frequent liaisons with prostitutes--the man engages a female neighbor for help, and soon a new, unexpected family is formed. The film won the Jury Prize of the "Un Certain Regard" section of Cannes 2010.

* SUMMER OF GOLIATH (VERANO DE GOLIAT) (2010, 76min). Director: Nicolás Pereda. Country: Mexico/Canada/Netherlands.

Pereda’s SUMMER OF GOLIATH combines documentary and fiction as it intertwines the stories of people living in a small town in rural Mexico. Those people include: a woman who believes her husband has left her for another woman; her soldier son, who hopes that one day he and his soldier partner will be issued machine guns so that they may intimidate passing motorists; and three brothers whose father left them many years ago in the care of their mother, who can barely support them.

* EL VELADOR (2011, 72min). Director: Natalia Almada. Country: Mexico.

Almada’s documentary EL VELADOR displays the world of "El Jardin,", a cemetery in the drug heartland of Mexico. Since the war on drugs began in 2007, the cemetery has doubled in size and some of its mausoleums have been built to resemble gaudy cathedrals, creating a skyline that looks like a fantastical surrealist city more than a resting place for the deceased. The film introduces us to both the lives of the cemetery workers and families of the victims - in the shadow of an increasingly bloody conflict that has claimed nearly 35,000 lives.

Other movies include: MARGIN CALL. With ZACHARY QUINTO. He is also a producer here.

As the world discovered in 2008, the masters of the financial universe sit in anonymous offices in generic towers in lower Manhattan, staring at numbers that don’t add up.* SHORT: MILA CAOS. 2011. Cuba/Germany. Directed by Simon Jaikiriuma Paetau. 18 min.

Screening with El Velador
A son acts out his fantasy; does his mother mind?


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