Música en el Teatro Pregones del Bronx

Saturday, March 26, 2011 , Posted by LATINO EVENTS Y TESPIS MAGAZINE at 2:33 PM

El Teatro Pregones le ha dedicado el mes de Marzo a la música! Aqui tienen algunas recomendaciones con información sobre los espectáculos:

MARZO 19: With a four-piece international band and four world-class dancers, MONKTANGO is a sure bet. The formidable musical lineup features KONRAD ADDERLY on bass, OCTAVIO BRUNETTI on piano, NICK DANIELSON on a violin, and maestro TITO CASTRO on bandoneon. Together, they offer up a fresh take on the music and indomitable spirit of jazz giant THELONIOUS MONK. Argentine dancers HERNÁN BRIZUELA, DIEGO BLANCO, and guests go at it in electrifying choreographic counterpoint.

MARZO 25: Grammy-nominee Papo Vázquez and his Pirates Troubadours know how to kick it in high gear and this gig is no exception. Expect a stompin' delivery of BATACUMBELE's classic "Danzón Don Vázquez" and a taste of the maestro's forthcoming new CD. With PAPO VÁZQUEZ on trombone, WILLIE WILLIAMS on sax, ZACCAI CURTIS on piano, DEZRON DOUGLAS on bass, JOHN DAVIS on drums, ANTHONY CARRILLO and CARLOS MALDONADO on percussion, and special guests AKUA DIXON's QUARTETTE INDIGO. And did we mention Papo is also one of our 2011 Latino Masters awardees?.

MARZO 27:  Led by NEA National Heritage Fellow JUAN GUTIÉRREZ, Los Pleneros de la 21 are reigning champions of an enduring Afro Puerto Rican musical tradition. From Sesame Street to Carnegie Hall, they've played more venues than you can shake a stick at, propelling the whole world into the 21st Century, rhythm first! Their SERIES WRAP-UP concert and dance performance for March Is Music is always a raucous and sold-out affair. With special guest PAPO VÁZQUEZ. A Boricua classic! 

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