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Conversando del gran Luis García Berlanga y de lo variado y nuevo del cine español, nos reunimos en el Instituto Cervantes con varios de los directores de las películas participantes en la vigésima edición de Spanish Cinema Now del Lincoln Center. Se habló sobre el por qué Luis García Berlanga - el genio de cine español de cintas como Welcome Mr. Marshall y The Executioner - es tan poco conocido en estos lares: gran pregunta sin resolver y que se busca cambiar un poco con la retrospectiva dedicada a su obra en esta edición del festival.
Torrente 4 Lethal Crisis. De Santiago Segura. Foto: FilmLinc.
También se tocó la influencia que tendrá la crisis económica en la producción cinematográfica, las graves dificultades en la red de distribución cinematográfica en América Latina y España a manos de los grandes de Hollywood, el nuevo mercado Latino de los Estados Unidos, su potencial y carencias en cuanto a conección con el público y la necesidad de un mercadeo serio y de más envergadura. Inclusive se mencionó la creación de un teatro exclusivamente dedicado al cine latino como algo necesario en una ciudad como NYC con un 30% de población latina o, más aún, se llamó a la exploración de la Red, Pay Per View y métodos similares como estratégia central en estos tiempos de rápido cambio tecnológico.
Spanish Cinema Now presenta este año una gran diversidad cinematográfica, desde establecidos directores como Santiago Segura hasta emergentes y nuevos talentos mostrando sus primeros largometrajes tales como Mirea Ros, Nacho Vigalondo, Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, Alberto Morais y Jonas Trueba, Isaki Lacuesta y Enrique Otero, entre otros.
De estos directores, les tenemos entrevistas con Santiago Segura, Nacho Vigalondo y Daniel Sánchez Arévalo junto con el actor Quim Gutierrez.
Spanish Cinema Now se realiza en el Walter Reade Theater del Lincoln Center del 9 al 22 de Diciembre.

Aqui tienen los pormenores:

Extraterrestrial. Nacho Vigalondo, 2011 | Fri Dec 9: 6:15 pm | Thu Dec 15: 9:00 pm. Opening Night!
From the director of Timecrimes comes an alien invasion movie in which a man and a woman wake up to a Madrid dotted with spaceships...

Cousinhood . Daniel Sanchez Arevalo, 2011 | Sun Dec 11: 7:00 pm | Thu Dec 15: 1:00 pm.
Q&A with director Daniel Sanchez Arevalo and actor Quim Gutierrez after the December 11 show!
Jilted at the altar, Diego sets off with two cousins to a childhood refuge, in this terrific guy movie with heart that skillful dissects competing ideas of Spanish manhood.

Barcelona Before. Mireia Ros, 2011 | Sun Dec 11: 4:45 pm | Sat Dec 17: 2:45 pm.
Q&A with director Mireia Ros after the December 11 show!
The life of Barcelona’s respected Baladía family provides the lens for a curious personal portrait of the 20th century and the Golden Years before the Civil War. Read more...

Don’t Be Afraid. Montxo Armendáriz, 2011 | Fri Dec 9: 9:15 pm | Tue Dec 13: 8:10 pm.
A young woman confronts her father about years of incest in this complex, multi-leveled drama, featuring terrific performances by Belen Rueda, Lluís Homar and newcomer Michelle Jenner. Read more...

Every Song Talks About Me. Jonás Trueba, 2011 | Sat Dec 10: 6:00 pm | Wed Dec 14: 1:30 pm.
Q&A with director Jonás Trueba after the December 10 show!
In Trueba’s charming romantic comedy debut, poor Ramiro finds reminders of his ex-relationship everywhere he turns. Nominated for Best New Director at last year’s Goya Awards. Read more...

Ispansi. Carlos Iglesias, 2011 | Fri Dec 9: 1:00 pm.
The gripping, little-known story of children sent to Russia by the Republic during the Civil War is told with grace and sensitivity in this wartime drama.

The Waves. Alberto Morais, 2011
Sun Dec 11: 9:15 pm | Mon Dec 19: 3:30 pm.
Q&A with director Alberto Morais after the December 11 show!
A journey into the dark recesses of Spain’s past in the form of a contemporary road movie! An old widower journeys to the bordertown—where he was a refugee in the Spanish Civil War. Read more...

Torrente 4: Lethal Crisis. Santiago Segura, 2011 | Sat Dec 10: 8:45 pm | Mon Dec 19: 1:30 pm.
Q&A with director/actor Santiago Segura after the December 9 show!
The most successful series in Spanish film history continues the saga of detective José Luis Torrente—overwrought, overfed, highly opinionated, and now in spiritual crisis. Read more...

José y Pilar. Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, 2011
Wed Dec 14: 6:10 pm | Fri Dec 16: 12:00 pm.
This affectionate portrait of Portugal’s Nobel Prize–winner José Saramago reveals the struggle between the very private man and the world-famous artist.

23-F. Chema de la Peña, 2011 | Wed Dec 14: 8:40 pm | Fri Dec 16: 2:30 pm.
A vibrant retelling of the extraordinary 1981 coup attempt by Civil Guards demanding that the King proclaim an end to Spain’s just-emerging democracy.

Double Steps. Isaki Lacuesta, 2011 | Thu Dec 15: 7:00 pm | Tue Dec 20: 2:00 pm
Director Isaki Lacuesta, screenwriter Isa Campo, and producer Luisa Matienzo in attendance at December 15 screening! The story of the remarkable artist François Augiéras, who ventured deep into the Sahara to create an artwork, leads us from fact to fiction and back again.

An Almost Perfect World. Esteban Ibarretxe, José Miguel Ibarretxe, 2011 | Sun Dec 18: 5:40 pm.
In this fast and furious comedy with delightful twists, a failed screenwriter witnesses a crime and quickly learns about life on the wrong side of the tracks.

Black Bread. Agustí Villaronga, 2010 | Fri Dec 16: 6:45 pm.
Q&A with actress Nora Navas and producer Isona Passola after the December 16 show!
Agustí Villaronga’s brilliant adaptation of Emil Teixidor’s novel plunges us into the life of a young boy negotiating a world of mythical monsters and fatally real Fascists. Spain's nominee for this year's Academy Award for Best Foreign Film premiered at 2010 Spanish Cinema Now. Read more...

Contacts. Paulino Viota, 1970 | Sun Dec 18: 7:45 pm.
Viota’s rarely seen masterwork, about a woman from the provinces involved in shady business with two men, was one of the first underground anti-Franco features. Read more...

Crebinsky. Enrique Otero, 2011 | Sun Dec 18: 9:15 pm | Thu Dec 22: 2:10 pm.
Otero’s beautiful, fable-like film, featuring touches of magic realism and slapstick silent comedy, follows the Crebinsky brothers on a search for their swept-away cow. Read more...

Don’t Touch the Dead, Kid. Jose Luis Garcia Sánchez, 2011 | Sat Dec 17: 6:45 pm | Wed Dec 21: 1:30 pm.
In Jose Luis Garcia Sánchez’s delicious new comedy, an aspiring teenage poet in the late Fifties discovers the secret world of adulthood after his grandfather dies. Read more...

Fri Dec 16: 4:30 pm | Sat Dec 17: 4:45 pm.
This year’s selection of award-winning short films is specially curated by the cultural initiative Pragda and features a rich assortment of fiction and documentary.

Retrospectiva de Luis García Berlanga.

The Executioner. Luis García Berlanga, 1963
Fri Dec 9: 3:20 pm | Tue Dec 13: 6:15 pm.
Berlanga’s eccentric masterpiece about a Republican executioner facing retirement yields a scathing look at a society in which family obligations can be deadly.

Welcome Mr. Marshall! Luis García Berlanga, 1953 | Sun Dec 11: 12:45 pm | Thu Dec 15: 5:00 pm. 
In a biting, Ealing-style satire of Franco’s Spain, a Castilian backwater adopts Andalusian stereotypes to hoodwink a group of Marshall Plan representatives.

Plácido. Luis García Berlanga, 1961| Sun Dec 11: 2:45 pm | Thu Dec 15: 3:10 pm.
When a high-profile astrophysicist gives the government the slip in a seaside village, atomic age paranoia and bucolic traditions get playfully shaken up. Read more...

The Heifer. Luis García Berlanga, 1985
Wed Dec 14: 3:40 pm | Thu Dec 22: 8:10 pm.
In this early comedy about the Spanish Civil War, a group of Republicans attempt to sabotage the Nationalists by stealing a cow, but incompetence triumphs. Read more...

That Happy Couple. Juan Antonio Bardem, Luis García Berlanga, 1953 | Sat Dec 17: 1:00 pm.
In this satire of Franco’s economic policies, a couple wins an absurd contest that promises to solve their financial woes––and worsen all other aspects of their lives. Read more...

Life Size. Luis García Berlanga, 1976 | Sat Dec 17: 8:45 pm | Wed Dec 21: 3:40 pm.
Michel Piccoli stars as a mild-mannered dentist who finds love with an imported blow-up doll. Exquisitely shot and surreally erotic, it’s a fabulous allegory about modern isolation. Read more...

The National Shotgun. Luis García Berlanga, 1978
Tue Dec 20: 9:00 pm | Thu Dec 22: 4:10 pm.
In Berlanga’s first post-censorship film, a bourgeois businesman attempts to make new contacts by participating in a traditional, staged hunt with aristocrats. Read more...

The Rocket from Calabuch. Luis García Berlanga, 1956 | Tue Dec 20: 4:00 pm.
When a high-profile astrophysicist gives the government the slip in a seaside village, atomic age paranoia and bucolic traditions get playfully shaken up. Read more...

Everyone Off to Jail. Luis García Berlanga, 1993 | Wed Dec 21: 8:30 pm.
A motley mix of political prisoners, Fascists, and clueless parvenues dine together at the infamous Cárcel Modelo in a farcical reconciliation effort.

Long Live the Bride and Groom. Luis García Berlanga, 1970 | Thu Dec 22: 6:15 pm.
A middle-aged man on holiday with his bride-to-be and elderly mother is driven to comic distraction by hot Swedish beachgoers. Written by Rafael Azcona!

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