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Este mes no tenemos nuevas producciones o estrenos latinos en la gran pantalla, aunque esperamos que algunas de las películas que han participado en los recientes Havana Film Festival New York y el Tribeca Film Festival lleguen pronto a una sala de cine local ( puedes visitar nuestra página de Cine si quieres saber más). 
Mayo nos trae varias series de cine latinoamericano y mundial que valen la pena resaltar; Tropical Tuesdays comienza en Casa Mezcal los martes de Mayo y todos estamos esperando la Retrospectiva de Ridley Scott en la Film Society del Lincoln Center. Recomendamos:

* El último cuplé > De Juan de Orduña> Con Sara Montiel > Mayo 7 > Instituto Cervantes > SARA

María Luján, una cupletista en decadencia, recuerda su intensa vida mientras habla con Juan Contreras, viejo admirador y primer empresario que creyó en ella: sus comienzos como corista, su triunfo en España, París e Hispanoamérica en los años 20, los diferentes hombres de su vida, sus devaneos por las salas de juego francesas y, finalmente, su regreso a España, ya enferma, tras la Segunda Guerra Mundial (1939-1945) para trabajar en El Molino, un cabaret de Barcelona.  

* The Secret Life of Hernando Cortez, 1968 > Directed by John Chamberlain > Courtesy Ultra Violet > May 11 > Guggenheim.
A visually inventive experimentation in film, The Secret Life of Hernando Cortez offers a rare opportunity to consider the celluloid manifestation of Chamberlain's assemblage aesthetic. Starring Taylor Mead in the role of the Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez and Ultra Violet as his beloved consort and daughter of the Aztec emperor Montezuma, this underground classic unfolds as a narrative exploration into the imagined private life of its titular character.
Please be advised that this film contains nudity.

* Tropical Tuesdays > The South Trembles > May >  Obra Negra/Casa Mezcal > Tropical.

May 8 > Yatasto. Directed by Hermes Paralluelo, Argentina, 2011, 99 min.
May 15 > En el futuro (In the Future). Directed by Mauro Andrizzi, Argentina, 2010, 60 min.
Preceded by Copia imperfecta (Imperfect Copy). Directed by José Luis Torres Leiva, Chile, 2012, 2 min. A short film tribute to the late Raul Ruiz, commissioned by the Rotterdam Film Festival.

May 22 > Süden. Directed by Gastón Solnicki, 60 min. Argentina, 2009.
May 29 > Los Electrodomésticos: El frío misterio (The Electrodomésticos: The Cold Mystery). Directed by Sergio Castro, Chile, 2010, 110 min.
Preceded by El punk triste (The Sad Punk). Directed by Mario Navarro, Chile, 2010, 22 min.) A man that was a member of the underground scene in Santiago in the 80s visits five parts of the city where, according to him, the Punk movement was born.

* Favela on Blast > Mayo 10 > 92Y Tribeca > FAVELA.

For over 20 years, a subculture has emerged in Brazil under society's radar. It is the culture surrounding 'funk carioca', a musical rhythm which mixes the American electronic funk of the 1980s with the most diverse influences of Brazilian music. 'Baile funk' is one of the most interesting musical movements in the world, emerging from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Directors Wesley Pentz (Diplo), teamed up with Leandro HBL in 2005 to tell the story of the MC’s, DJ’s, dancers and cultural producers who have spent their lives in the favela and are creating this vibrant scene. Together, they visited 60 favelas and conducted more than 100 interviews in order to explore the culture that surrounds Funk Carioca. In doing so, they have created a portrait of a subculture that defines the youth of Rio’s dismissed population. Directors: Leandro HBL & Wesley Pentz. 84 min. 2008. In Portuguese with English subtitles. DigiBeta.

* Lovely Molly > De Eduardo Sánchez > Sneak preview > Mayo 11 > Film Society of Lincoln Center > MOLLY.

* The Space Between: A Panorama of Cinema in Turkey > Ends May 11 > Film Society of Lincoln Center > TURKEY.

From the powerful, socially engaged cinema of 1960s filmmakers like Yılmaz Güney (a special focus of this series) to the strong current of personal auteurs (like Fatih Akın and Nuri Bilge Ceylan), Turkish cinema has always stood between traditions: richly informed about currents in European and American filmmaking while imbibing influences from Egyptian, Indian and--more recently--Iranian cinema, creating a fascinating mixture of styles and approaches. 

* WERNER HERZOG > May 18 > Whitney Museum >  Biennial > HERZOG.

Inimitable filmmaker Werner Herzog, characterized as the “romantic visionary” of New German Cinema, is best known for his unorthodox approach to capturing authenticity in his films—close encounters with danger and submitting cast members to unusual training, among others—as well as his mixture of fact and fiction, in narrative and documentary films alike. The subject of his work, described as “an extended essay on the meaning of meaninglessness,” is often the extraordinary qualities of ordinary things around us. For this program, Herzog discusses his particular contributions to the Biennial and his thoughts on contemporary art with co-curators Elisabeth Sussman and Jay Sanders.

* Ridley Scott Retrospective >  May 25 - June 3 > Film Society of Lincoln Center > RIDLEY.

A complete retrospective of three-time Oscar-nominee Ridley Scott, whose career began in the 70’s and who has continued to excite and enchant audiences with his remarkable storytelling ability. The retrospective will include the Director’s cut of KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, a new 35mm print of THELMA & LOUISE and the chance for fans to catch all of their favorites on the big screen.

“With ALIEN and BLADE RUNNER, Ridley Scott has been responsible for two of the most lasting and visionary works of science-fiction cinema,” said Film Society Associate Director of Programming Scott Foundas. “But as a filmmaker, he has seemed just as compelled by stories set in the distant past and those set in the combat zones of the present, always finding the human dimension in the mythic and the mythic dimension in the seemingly everyday. As he makes his long-awaited return to sci-fi with this summer’s highly anticipated PROMETHEUS, we’re delighted to pay tribute to Scott and his extraordinary career.”

* FAMILY FILMS > May-July > Matinee series > Film Society of Lincoln Center > Special discount ticket price: $6 for everyone > FAMILY.

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