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La gran Sara Montiel está en Nueva York visitando el Instituto Cervantes, en donde se le rendirá un merecido homenaje a 55 años de El último cuplé, aquella película que la lanzó a su distinguida carrera artística. La Violetera!, anyone? Felicidades!.
Don Omar y Oscar D'Leon se presentan en el Copacabana para ponernos a bailar de lo lindo. El Latin Vocal Jazz Fest comienza en Casa Mezcal y tanto Neon Indian, como Babasónicos, Marta Gómez, José Conde y JeanCarlos Canela llenarán algunos de los más renombrados recintos musicales de Nueva York. Recomendamos:

* Homenaje a Sara Montiel > 55 años desde El último cuplé > Mayo 4 > Instituto Cervantes > SARA.

Sara Montiel. Autor/es: Alberto Rivas
Cincuenta y cinco años han pasado desde que Sara Montiel entonase con voz grave su famoso Fumando espero en la película El último cuplé. Para entonces, la actriz española ya se había convertido en una diva del cine mexicano, y más tarde de Hollywood, compartiendo protagonismo junto a actores de la talla de Gary Cooper, Burt Lancaster y Charles Bronson. Ahora el Instituto Cervantes de Nueva York homenajea a esta figura de culto, quien compartirá con el público algunas de sus experiencias vitales y profesionales, además de cantar algunos de sus famosos cuplés y boleros.
Tras el tributo se servirá un cocktail al público asistente.

* TIMBALIVE > La tumba pa' to el mundo > May 4 > SOB's.

TIMBALIVE is all-star band of incredible musicians bringing exciting Cuban flavor to the US and the world. Based in Miami, their very first CD had guest starts Mayito Rivera from Los Van Van and the great Gonzalo Rubalcalba. The lyrics spoke of uniting Cubans in the US with those in Cuba musically and were an instant hit. In only a few years since its conception, TIMBALIVE has achieved a worldwide fan base with tours in Europe and the US including 2 amazing performances at the Salsa Festival in San Francisco. They have their Third European tour and a tour in Africa lined up this summer. The musical director Leo Garcia was chosen as Los Van Van’s drummer on their last USA tour. Their recent music video featured below has had over 40,000 page views on You tube. Come out and see the band that everyone can’t stop talking about. TIMBALIVE is undeniably musically tight, so much fun, and ready to perform an excellent show to celebrate their very first time in NYC!

* Flamenco Rebelde > May 6 > DROM > FLAMENCO.

The culmination of a yearlong collaboration, this performance marks the stage  debut of Flamenco Rebelde, a student collective shaped by La Magdalena, musician / composer Nathan Herrera, and dozens of emerging  dancers. The unique and eccentric personalities of its members help bring to life  the pride, passion, love, sorrow, and transformative nature of flamenco.  Performers stamp their beats in unison as singers intertwine their soulful  melodies, transporting guests to the festive streets of the Spanish gypsies. 

* OSCAR D'LEON > SALSA TUESDAYS >  Mayo 8 > Copacabana > OSCAR.

* LATIN VOCAL JAZZ FESTIVAL > Wednesdays in May > Casa Mezcal > Jazz.

- May 9 / Sofia Tosello (Argentina)
- May 16 / Juancho Herrera (Venezuela)
- May 23 / Camila Meza (Chile)
with special guest Natalia Bernal (Chile)
- May 30 / Lara Bello (España)

* Alonzo King LINES Ballet > Mayo 8 al 13 > Joyce Theater > ALONZO.

* Piano Flamenco con Ariadna Castellanos > Mayo 11 > Instituto Cervantes > FLAMENCO.

Ariadna Castellanos, pianista y compositora, es la primera músico española a la que le ha sido concedida la prestigiosa beca de la Universidad de Berklee en Boston. Ha participado en el Monterrey Festival y el Kennedy Center.
Nacida en Madrid, empieza a tocar el piano a la edad de seis años. A los diecisiete gana una beca para estudiar en la Guildhall School of Music, donde practica piano clásico. A pesar de ello, siempre ha estado estrechamente ligada al flamenco, y ha trabajado con artistas como Niño Josele, Jorge Pardo y Agustín Carbonell 'El Bola'.
En 2010 participa en el homenaje a Paco de Lucía. Castellanos ha grabado, asimismo, para Alejandro Sanz, Sandra Carrasco y José Mercé, entre otros, y ha terminado su primer disco con el apoyo del prestigioso productor Javier Limón (Paco de Lucía, Lágrimas Negras). 

* DON OMAR >  MTO2 NEW GENERATION > Mayo 11 > Copacabana > OMAR

* Roberto Poveda Quintet > Mayo 11 > Terraza 7 > Live Recordings > Queens > POVEDA

* NEON INDIAN > Mayo 12  > Terminal 5 > NEON.

After nearly two years on the road off the success of his debut, Palomo returns this fall with his proper follow-up LP, Era Extraña. This time around, we see a darker shaded sound document that tosses somewhere between an 8-bit shoegaze record and peering through the fence of a teenage apocalypse drive-in flick. 

* MARTA GOMEZ > Mayo 12 > Joe's Pub > GOMEZ.

Graduated from the Berklee College of Music, Marta Gómez has developed an extensive music career which has placed her as one of the most interesting singer songwriters on the world music scene today.
Marta and her group perform a repertoire of original compositions based on a vast amount of rhythms from Latin America. On her songs, Marta mixes the joy of the Caribbean with the nostalgia of the Andes adding jazz and pop elements, taking the authenticity of South American indigenous folk music into a new realm.

With more than 80 composed songs, This young singer-songwriter not only traverses a whole range of Colombian cumbias and bambucos, Argentine zambas, chilean cuecas, Bolivian carnavalitos and Peruvian festejos but she also writes the kind of melodies and refrains that translates across any language barrier.  
On her sixth production "El corazón y el sombrero" (The heart and the hat) (2011 Aluna Records), she pays a tribute to Spanish poet Federico García Lorca, adding Latin American folkloric rhythms to 12 of his poems.

* RADIO JAROCHO > Mayo 12 >  New CD realease party > Casa Mezcal > RADIO.

Radio Jarocho plays son jarocho music fashioned after the towns, musicians, and swampy countryside that created it in Veracruz, Mexico. They also write their own songs inspired by this popular genre and tailor them with assorted influences, creating a contemporary repertoire that captures the spirit of the traditional style. The band championed son jarocho by performing over the past decade in dozens of concerts and fandangos in several cities, including New York, Washington DC, and Boston.

Also on Mayo 19 > Terraza 7 > Live Recordings > Queens > RADIO.

* The 6th Annual NYC Dance Parade & DanceFest > May 19th > DANCE.
* BABASONICOS > Mayo 23 > Highline Ballroom > BABA
 Con Contramano y Cápsula.

With a name that refers partly to the Indian gugu Sai Baba and partly to The Jetsons (Los Supersónicos in Spanish), indie rock collective Babasónicos first emerged in the wave of new Argentine rock bands of the late '80s and early '90s, along with groups like Peligrosos Gorriones and Los Brujos. The outfit quickly became one of the banner groups of the country's sonic underground movement in the late '90s. Lead singer Adrián "Dárgelos" Rodríguez and keyboardist Diego "Uma-T" Tuñón initially decided to create a New Wave style, which didn't fall in line with the established traditions of Argentine rock music. The group's second album Trance Zomba (1994) incorporated a guest DJ, and the ensuing years saw the band experiment with various diverse styles.
Since the release of Jessico in 2001, however, Babasónicos's releases have fallen more in tune with current trends in Argentine music, allowing the band to reach a wider audience with releases like Infame (2003) and Anoche (2005). The band also composed the soundtrack for Vera Fogwill's 2007 movie Las Mantenidas Sin Sueños (Kept and Dreamless). The group's 2008 album Mucho was widely hailed by critics – AllMusic declared the release "easily one of the best rock en español releases of 2008." The disc was a rock masterpiece in miniature, its 10 tracks clocking in at just under 31 minutes in total length. With its latest release A Propósito (2011), Babasónicos continues to produce to some of the most creative and engaging Latin pop music around.

* Lara Bello Album Release Concert > Mayo 24 > DROM > LARA.

Lara Bello presents her new cd "Primero Amarillo Después Malva" ('First Yellow Then Purple'), Singer and composer from Granada (Spain). Her music embraces the essence of flamenco roots combined with different ethnic rhythms. Best Spanish World Music Artist 2010 by the World Music Charts Europe.

* JENCARLOS CANELA > Mayo 25 > Best Buy Theater > CANELA.

His new album “Un Nuevo Dia” was released in 2011. It was produced by Rudy Perez , and includes duets with artists such as Jose Feliciano, Gilberto Santa Rosa, El Cata, Pitbull, and the band Los Recoditos . This same album includes the single “Mi Corazon Insiste” which is also the name of his current soap opera as well as the theme song of the soap opera, which is sung by him.

* La voz y las cuerdas > Concierto > May 29 > Instituto Cervantes > ARBERAS.

Amaya Arberas (soprano) estudió en el Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid y dio clases de voz con José Ramón Arteta. Estudió, asimismo, técnica vocal con Diana Soviero y Beth Roberts en Nueva York. Su repertorio incluye ópera, zarzuela y aria (El Mesías de Handel, el Requiem de Mozart, Petitte Messe Solennelle de Rossini...), y ha interpretado el papel de Barbarina en Las bodas de Figaro (Mozart), Adina en El elixir del amor(Donizetti) y Norina en Don Pascual (Donizetti), así como Ana Mari en la zarzuela El Caserío, de Guridi. En 2010 dio algunos recitales en España, Francia y los Estados Unidos, incluyendo un debut en el Carnegie Hall y el museo de Ellis Island de Nueva York. Ha ofrecido, igualmente un recital de zarzuelas en el Lincoln Center, dirigido por Pablo Zinger. 

* JOSE CONDE > Mayo 31 > Joe's Pub > CONDE.

Trading the Cuban tres for a vintage Gretsch, Jose Conde’s new music is a refined and personal blend clothed in electric and organic, funky world beats, inspired by trees, elephants, dogs, sexy dresses, and love. In a world music stretch with diverse influences and colors from South Africa to Brazil to Peru etc., with humor and rhythmic phrasing undeniably and soulfully Cuban, yet uniquely Conde, the music is delivered with booty shaking grooves by his new band, the nu Latin groove.


* LIMON DANCE COMPANY > Junio 19 al 24 > Joyce Theater  

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