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Cristiada, la cinta de Andy García que se desarrolla en la época de Los Cristeros en el México de 1926-29 se estrena en Nueva York asi como también Found Memories, la película de la directora brasilera Julia Murat. El Topo de Jodorowsky estará en el IFC los días 8 y 9 de Junio y El Velador, documental de la también mexicana Natalia Almada y que se presentó en el Tribeca Film Festival 2010 tendrá su estreno en el MoMa y luego se irá de gira nacional. El Human Rights Watch Film Fest trae cintas latinas como Reportero y The White Ocean y otros documentales sobresalientes como Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry, War Witch and Call Me Kuchu.

El Festival de Cine de Brooklyn tiene en cartelera 4 cintas latinas y el Instituto Cervantes rinde tributo a García Lorca a 100 años de su nacimiento. El director español Nacho Vigalondo estrena Extraterrestrial y continuan Lovely Molly del director Eduardo Sánchez y la super divertida Hysteria, sobre el invento del vibrador en la Inglaterra victoriana. Tropical Tuesdays sigue en Casa Mezcal este mes enfocándose en el tema de iglesias subversivas e íconos mundanos en Latinoamérica. 
Ti piace il cinema italiano? Lo último en Cine Italiano estará en la Film Society del Lincoln Center!


FOR GREATER GLORY > CRISTIADA > Directed by Dean Wright > En Catelera > GLORY.

An impassioned group of men and women each make the decision to risk it all for family, faith and the very future of their country, as the film's adventure unfolds against the long-hidden, true story of the 1920s Cristero War ­the daring people¹s revolt that rocked 20th Century North America.
Academy Award® nominee Andy Garcia headlines an acclaimed cast as General Gorostieta, the retired military man who at first thinks he has nothing personal at stake as he and his wife (Golden Globe nominee Eva Longoria) watch Mexico fall into a violent civil war. Yet the man who hesitates in joining the cause will soon become the resistance's most inspiring and self-sacrificing leader, as he begins to see the cost of religious persecution on his countrymen . . . and transforms a rag-tag band of rebels into a heroic force to be reckoned with. The General faces impossible odds against a powerful and ruthless government. Yet is those he meets on the journey ­ youthful idealists, feisty renegades and, most of all, one remarkable teenager named Jose ­ who reveal to him how courage and belief are forged even when justice seems lost.

FOUND MEMORIES > Directed by Julia Murat > Brazil, Argentina, France, 2011 > En Cartelera > FOUND.

Like every morning, Madalena makes bread for Antonio's old coffee shop. Like every day, she crosses the railways where no trains have passed for years; she cleans up the gate of the locked cemetery, and listens to the priest's sermon before sharing lunch with the other old villagers. Clinging to the image of her dead husband and living in her memories, Madalena is awakened by the arrival of Rita, a young photographer who is arriving in the ghost village of Jotuomba, where time seems to have stopped. A deep relationship is forged between the two women, which gradually builds to have a profound effect on both of their lives, as well as the rest of the villagers.

El Topo > Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky. México, 1970. > Junio 8 y 9 > IFC Center > TOPO.

Jodorowsky’s legendary, notorious cult hit essentially created the genre of the midnight movie — a spectacle so stunning and bizarre that normal hours couldn’t contain it. Incorporating influences from tarot to the Bible to surrealism into a mind-blowing western, Jodorowsky cast himself as the leather-clad gunman, El Topo (‘the mole’), who wanders through a desert strewn with mystical symbols on an unnamed quest, leaving blood and carnage in his wake. Declared a masterpiece by no less than John Lennon himself, EL TOPO tops even the most outrageous aesthetic experiments of its radical era and remains unmatched in its provocations and strange beauty. Long unavailable, EL TOPO is presented in a gorgeous new restoration personally overseen by Jodorowsky.


Cintas Latinas: MUTA ( Argentina/Italia); FEAR OF BLOOD (Brazil); OTTO AND THE ELECTRIC EEL (USA- Photo) y LA ROCA (Spain).

OPEN ROADS > New Italian Cinema > Junio 8- 14 > Film Society of Lincoln Center > Open Roads.

RAUL > The 10th CINE FEST BRASIL > Junio 9 > SummerStage > BRASIL.

Raul Seixas is known as an icon of Brazilian Rock and developed a unique musical style that emphasized the maverick and the mystic. His body of work consists of twenty-one albums and numerous collaborations with then fellow mystic, and future worldwide bestselling author, Paulo Coelho. Director Walter Carvalho, an experienced cinematographer unveils RAUL through rare images from archives, family encounters and discussions with artists, producers and friends, documenting the life and public image of one of Brazil's most controversial and important rockers.

Lorca, así que pasen cien años el 12 de Junio y Una casa para Bernarda Alba el 18 de Junio > Instituto Cervantes > LORCA.

A propósito de los cien años del nacimiento de Federico García Lorca, se realizó el documental Lorca: Así pasen cien años, que versa sobre una de las figuras literaria más conocida, estudiada y admirada de las letras castellanas del siglo XX, quien con extraordinaria versatilidad creadora, destacó en los campos de la poesía, el teatro, la música y las artes plásticas.

El Velador / The Night Watchman > Directed by 
Natalia Almada >  June 14-20 at MoMA > VELADOR

El Velador / The Night Watchman, the most recent documentary film by Natalia Almada, will have its U.S. theatrical premiere run starting June 14 at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, followed by a tour across the U.S., and will have its national television premiere on September 27 as part of the 25th anniversary season of PBS’ POV.
The film will travel to other cities across the country: Northwest Film Center in Portland (July 6-8); Northwest Film Forum in Seattle (July 6-12); UCLA Film and Television Archive in Los Angeles (July 13); Pacific Film Archives in Berkeley (July 15); the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (August 4 and 6); the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston (September); the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. (September 8); the Cleveland Museum of Art (September 12); the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus (September 25-26); the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis (September 27-28).

Human Rights Watch Film Festival > Junio 14-28 > Human Rights.

Se presentan: Reportero y Color of the Ocean y otros documentales sobresalientes como Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, War Witch, Brother Number One, Habibi and Call Me Kuchu.

Extraterrestrial. Directed by Nacho Vigalondo > Junio 15 > Several cities.

Extraterrestrial will have an initial theatrical release in select cities including Brooklyn, NY (at reRun’s Gastropub Theater) and Seattle, WA (at the Uptown Theatre), on June 15; North Hollywood, CA (at Laemmle’s Noho 7), on June 22; and in Texas (at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema locations) in June.

Lovely Molly > De Eduardo Sánchez > En cartelera > MOLLY.

When newlywed Molly Reynolds returns to her long-abandoned family home, frightful reminders of a nightmarish childhood begin seeping into her new life. She soon begins an inexorable descent into evil that blurs the lines between psychosis and possession.

Tropical Tuesdays > Junio > Subversive Churches And Mundane Icons > Obra Negra/Casa Mezcal > Tropical.

What is it that unites Latin America is a question that raises many answers: the language, simultaneous historical events, the political issues and tendencies, and so on. In summary, we try to forget our differences in order to unite a divided community. But how healthy is that? Wouldn’t it reduce to a basic level the rich complexity of our bonds? I believe that by recognizing our differences between each border or over each coastline, we learn why we belong together. This is why Counter Culture is such a powerful perspective to analyze a community and its issues. It’s extremely difficult to label what’s Counter Culture if we don’t know in which national context it’s born.
The filmmakers included in this program have adapted fragments from the Bible, the Catholic iconography, or other methods of religious propaganda, like Brazilian Evangelist Public Television, to question these practices and subvert the power of these images. Cinema itself has become a religion, one not based on text, but in a prayer that creates mundane icons and subversive churches.

Simon of the Desert, directed by Luis Buñuel, Mexico, 1965, 45 min.
The ascetic Simon believes he is a sinner and decides to self-inflict a sacrifice, living like a hermit on the top of a pedestal in the middle of the desert to be closer to God and resist the temptations of the world. His followers are peasants and travelers that believe him to be a saint capable of performing miracles and they crowd to hear his speeches. However, Satan tries to tempt him with the pleasures of the world.
Preceded by EL MONTE DE GABRIEL (Gabriel’s Mount, directed byChristopher Murray, 2007, Chile, 25 min; and CARTA DEL APOSTOL SAN JUANECO A LA CIUDAD DEL MAL (Letter from the Apostle Saint Juaneco to the City of Evil, directed by Aldo Salvini, 1994, Peru, 11 min.)
Tuesday, June 5, 9pm*
*Please note this screening will start at 9pm.

>> SANGREDirected by Amat Escalante, Mexico, 2005, 78 min.

Diego's job is counting people as they enter a large government building. After work, he and his wife Blanca lie on the couch, watch soap operas, or make love on the kitchen table. Their relationship is based on having sex, watching TV, and fighting, until one day their routine is interrupted. Karina, Diego's daughter from a previous marriage, arrives in search of her father's love, but Blanca refuses to accept her. Diego finds himself caught between an extremely jealous wife and a daughter in desperate need of guidance. An astonishing climax will lead Diego to a total loss of control.
Preceded by MARTES DE CH’ALLA (Tuesday Ch’alla, directed by Carlos Piñeiro, Bolivia, 2009, 12 min.)
Tuesday June 12, 7pm

>> Shorts by Carlosmagno Rodrigues

1976 – LUGAR SAGRADO (1976 – Sacred Place. Brazil, 2009, 6 min.)
IGREREV - IGRESIA REVOLUCIONARIA DOS CORAÇOES AMARGURADOS (IGREREV, Revolutionary Church Of The Embittered Hearts. Brazil, 2007, 16 min.)
ANDROMEDA – A MENINA QUE FUMAVA SABAO (Andromeda, the Girl Who Smoked Soap. Brazil, 2007, 15 min.)
SEBASTIÃO, O HOMEM QUE BEBIA QUEROSEN (Sebastião, The Man Who Used to Drink Kerosene. Brazil, 2007, 11 min.)
ALEXANDER ILLICH. Brazil, 2009, 13 min.)
ANALOGÍA DO VERME (Worm Analogy. Brazil, 2007, 18 min.)
DIANTE DO ABISMO DOS SEUS OLHOS (Before The Abyss Of Your Eyes. Brazil, 2006, 6 min.)
DROP IN THE DARKNESS. Brazil, 2011, 7 min.)
Tuesday, June 19, 7pm

Birdsong, directed by Albert Serra, Spain, 2008, 98 min.

Serra recasts the story of the Magi as an elemental epic of man simultaneously lost and found in the uncanny beauty of nature. Masterfully shot in black and white on remote, almost extraterrestrial locations in the Canary Islands and Iceland, the film follows the slow, stumbling passage of the kings toward the mysterious birth that beckons them through the long days and dark nights. Birdsong adds a level of humor to gently undercut the sacred qualities of the tale by foregrounding the wonderfully profane corporality of the awkward kings who float and fidget in an assertively and refreshingly human manner.
Preceded by AHENDU NDE SAPUKAI (I Hear Your Scream, directed by Pablo Lamar, Paraguay/Argentina, 2008, 11 min.)
Tuesday, June 26, 7pm

HYSTERIA > En Cartelera Mayo 18 > HYSTERIA.

Hysteria is a romantic comedy with an accomplished cast led by Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hugh Dancy, Jonathan Pryce, Felicity Jones and Rupert Everett, that tells an untold tale of discovery - the surprising story of the birth of the electro-mechanical vibrator at the very peak of Victorian prudishness.

FAMILY FILMS > June - July > Matinee series > Film Society of Lincoln Center > Special discount ticket price: $6 for everyone > FAMILY.

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