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Estamos en pleno Performing Arts Marathon, el festival vanguardista del Teatro IATI de Nueva York y del cual somos orgullosos patrocinadores!. PAM 2012 presenta 11 shows, tanto locales como internacionales, que celebran el avant-garde en teatro, danza y música y que les está convirtiéndo en uno de los festivales de las artes escénicas más reconocidos de la ciudad. Les invitamos de nuevo a que exploren y a que nos acompañen en PAM2012. Si mencionan el código TESPIS tendrán un descuento de $10/per ticket!. Les esperamos en el teatro!.

En el Repertorio Español escenificarán 3 obras del Van Lier Young Directors’ Fellowship y continúa con Probation, la obra
ganadora de Nuestras Voces National Latino Plays Initiative 2010.  El Repertorio presenta, además, La Vida en Los Esclavos Unidos y En el tiempo de las mariposas. Por su parte, el dramaturgo venezolano Michel Hausmann mantiene su nueva obra Black Milk en el East 13th Street Theater hasta mediados de mes y Shakespeare In The Park pone en escena Into The Woods en el Teatro Delacorte del Parque Central. Para terminar, La Micro Theater participa en el Fringe Festival NY con la obra City Non-Specific. Veamos:

Sponsored Event! 
Están cordialmente invitados al
     Performing Arts Marathon
Julio 26 – Agosto 12 
 Baruch Performing Arts Center & IRT Theater 

IATI Theater Presents 11 ground breaking performances as part of its 2012 Performing Arts Marathon. In 21 days of pure unfiltered vanguardia, the festival will showcase avant-garde dance, theater, and music for all audiences. Remember that by using the code TESPIS you will get a $10/per ticket discountA little about the participating shows:

>> An Encounter with "El Duende".
>> Decime qué escuchás (Face the Music).
>> Taal Se Taal (Match your Rhythm to Mine).
>> Montera. (photo)
>> The Whistling Mortician.
>> Heart on a Dirty Platform.
>> El correo de la noche (Night Delivery).
>> Reincarnations (Dzul Dance).
>> Nella Foresta (In the Forest).
>> Luz de mañana en un traje marrón (Dawn in a Brown Suit).
>> La Quinta Luna (The Fifth Moon).


Van Lier Young Directors’ Fellowship > 3 obras > Agosto >> En Repertorio Español. 
This summer, Repertorio presents the Van Lier Young Directors’ Fellowship. This program gives an opportunity to talented young directors from New York City to show their creativity and skill. Be the first one to discover the directors of the future!

POR GUSTO > Agosto 2 y 5. 

Abel González’s “Por gusto” tells the story of four lovers- a teacher, a police officer, a philosophy professor and a painter. The action takes place in the city of Havana, Cuba during the 2000s. The themes of the play include coincidental causes, casual meetings, heartbreaks, sexuality, homosexuality, and the many risks involved in love and lovemaking. 

NOEL ROAD 25: A GENIUS LIKE US > Agosto 9, 11, 12, 16 y 17. 

London, 1967. Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell’s murder and suicide ending an odd gay love story. Venture inside the artistic and passionate relationship, power and submission, that Kenneth Halliwell and the playwright Joe Orton lived in 25 Noel Road. Carlos Be goes beyond the known facts and explores the mysterious last days of this outrageous couple. Caja España Theatre Award 2001.

EL COORDINADOR > Agosto 23, 24, 26, 30 y 31.

“The Facilitator” takes place in an elevator where four people must deal with the ambition and morals of the others. Shut in the elevator, they experience a collective desperation that results in the discovery of the true personality of each person when their fears and virtues come out to play in this game of survival. This, of course, causes many conflicts and reveals the eternal truths and contradictions about humans. Winning play of the 1993 Best Dramatic Text Award at the VII North American Chilean Institute’s Theater Festival and the 1994 Municipal Award for Literature in Theatre in Santiago, Chile. 

PROBATION > Agosto 3, 10, 19 / Septiembre 9 y 28 > En Repertorio Español. 

Photo by Michael Palma

A timely story about compromising moral values for the sake of getting rich quick. A Cuban man keeps his promise to bring a friend’s son to the United States. After the young immigrant gets a real taste of hard labor, he decides to accept a job offer as a director of a medical clinic conscious of the job’s dubious nature. He begins to enjoy the benefits of quick earned cash, but his world is turned upside down when he is arrested by the FBI accusing him of Medicaid fraud. After being released on probation, he realizes that he must make a difficult decision, whether to stay in the country and face prosecution or return to his former life in Cuba. Generational, political, and moral differences collide in this modern day drama written and directed by Yoshvani Medina. 
Winning Play of the 2010 Nuestras Voces National Latino Plays Initiative.

City Non-Specific > La Micro Theater > Fringe Festival >> Agosto 11, 13, 14, 16 y 19 > Fringe.

LaMicro Theater is proud to present City Non-Specific as part of the 16th annual New York International Fringe Festival-FringeNYC. City Non-Specific is a movement- dance piece that will be presented at Venue #15 The New School for Drama located at 151 Bank Street. City Non-Specific is a devised, ensemble-created piece that combines movement, dance, theater and multimedia. It is based on experiences of people living in a big city. The work is an exploration of conflicting and humorous situations that could occur in big city spaces and contexts. Behavioral gestures will be used to create short vignettes, reflecting moments of every day life. Life in a big city is full of anxiety, paranoia, stress and constant rushing around. In this piece we will take some of these moments and experiences and transform them with music, gestures, movements and texts.

Black Milk > Absolute Russian Rawness > Hasta Agosto 4 > East 13th Street Theater > BLACK.

“When you get back to your capital, you can tell them how people live in Russia, ’cause they don’t have the faintest idea.” -- Black Milk
In Black Milk, Lyovchik and Poppet, a small-time crook and his heavily pregnant, chain-smoking, lollipop-sucking wife, descend on a post-Communist wasteland, swindling villagers out of their savings. The young couple sit stranded in a remote train station and as the night persists, the strange, cruel, and whimsical world of their homeland teaches them a lesson.

16th Fringe Festival NY > Agosto 10 - 26 >> Fringe.

The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC) is the largest multi-arts festival in North America, with more than 200 companies from all over the world performing for 16 days in more than 20 venues.
Shakespeare In the Park 2012 > Ends August 25 > 8 PM > FREE > Delacorte Theater in Central Park > SHAKESPEARE.

>> Into The Woods > July 23 - August 25

EVITA > Open Ended > Teatro Marquis > EVITA.

El musical de TIM RICE y ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER, ganador de un premio Tony, vuelve a Broadway con la actuación de RICKY MARTIN (Les Misérables), ganador de un premio Grammy®, y ELENA ROGER (Piaf), ganadora de un premio Olivier, quien será la primera actriz argentina en protagonizar el rol de Evita en Broadway, y replica su representación extraordinaria que deslumbró la audiencia y la critica londinense en el West End. También con la participación de MICHAEL CERVERIS (Sweeney Todd), ganador de un premio Tony.
Eva Perón utilizó su inteligencia y carisma para ascender rápidamente desde un tugurio de Argentina hasta la residencia presidencial como Primera Dama. Adorada por su pueblo como la abanderada de los humildes, se convirtió en una de las mujeres más poderosas del mundo, mientras que su codicia, descomunal ambición y frágil salud la convirtieron en la más trágica. EVITA cuenta la apasionada e inolvidable historia verídica de Eva, y nos deleita con algunas de las canciones más hermosas del teatro, como "Don't Cry for Me Argentina," "Another Suitcase in Another Hall" y "High Flying, Adored."

Leap of Faith > Con Raúl Esparza > Open Ended > Teatro St. James > LEAP.

Four-time Tony Award® nominee Raúl Esparza (Cabaret, Company) stars as Jonas Nightingale, an electrifying performer and rabble rouser who's planning to take the whole town for a ride. But when a small-town girl stops him in his tracks, this hustler may just discover something to believe in. 
LEAP OF FAITH features a roof-raising new score by eight-time Oscar®-winning composer Alan Menken (Beauty and the Beast, Little Shop of Horrors).The creative team also includes bookwriters Janus Cercone and Tony®-winner Warren Leight (Side Man); Grammy®-winning lyricist Glenn Slater (Tangled); choreographer Sergio Trujillo (Jersey Boys); and Christopher Ashley, director of the Tony®-winning Best Musical Memphis.

La vida en Los Esclavos Unidos > Agosto 4, 5, 25 >  En Repertorio Español. 

Saulo García, author and performer, stated that “this show shares the stories of immigrants that finally understood that it is better to be “scraping by” in the United States than “scraping by” elsewhere; of those that already had their first foreclosure and learned to do those things that were inimaginable in their countries such as: paint the house, clean the roof with a water pressure machine or install a toilet in the bathroom.” 
With outstanding humor, “La vida en los Esclavos Unidos” (Life in the United Slaves’) touches on themes such as the financial crisis, healthcare in the U.S.A., immigrants’ jobs and the lifelong trauma left after the interview for a visa at the U.S. Embassy. The production uses modern video projections to bridge the different episodes and themes. 

En El Tiempo De Las Mariposas > Agosto 18  >>  En Repertorio Español. 

 En el tiempo de las mariposas. Photo Michael Palma.
“In The Time of the Butterflies” is the story of the courageous Mirabal sisters (Patria, Minerva and María Teresa) from the Dominican Republic. The sisters inspired resistance cells throughout the country against the dictatorial regime of Gen. Rafael Leónidas Trujillo. The ‘butterflies’, their secret code name, were brutally murdered by the regime in 1960.
Based on Julia Álvarez’s popular novel, the martyred butterflies come to vibrant life in a warm, brilliant, and dramatic production by the talented duo – playwright Caridad Svich and director José Zayas– that brought us the critically acclaimed production of Isabel Allende’s “The House of the Spirits” in 2009.

The Book Of Mormon > by Trey Parker, Robert López y Matt Stone. Teatro Eugene O'Neill >> MORMON.


Fuerza Bruta > Continúa en el Union Square Theater >> FUERZA.


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