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The 50th New York Film Festival is a milestone for NYC and for the Film Society of Lincoln Center. The NYFF, under Richard Peña, is at the top of the global cinema circuit and we are very happy to be able to cover it again for you all. Of course, we will put a latino spin on it!. Besides the NYFF, this month we have the 3rd Peruvian Film Festival at Instituto Cervantes, the film series at 92Y Tribeca and, En CarteleraLas Acacias, Neighboring Sounds, Searching for Sugar Man, Hermanoentre otros.

SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN > Directed by Malik Bendjelloul >  Now in New York and Los Angeles >  Nationwide > SUGAR.

In 1968, there emerged from Detroit a charismatic Mexican-American singer/songwriter named Rodriguez, who had attracted a local following with his mysterious presence, soulful melodies and prophetic lyrics. Searching for Sugar Man tells the story of the greatest '70s US rock icon who never was, how he was rediscovered in South Africa and finally became the legende he always deserved to be. A story of hope, inspiration and the power of music.

III Muestra de Cine Peruano Contemporáneo > Septiembre 13 - Octubre 4 > Instituto Cervantes > PERU

El Instituto Cervantes de Nueva York, en colaboración con el artista Lorry Salcedo y el Consulado General del Perú en esta ciudad, presentan por tercer año consecutivo la Muestra de Cine Peruano Contemporáneo. Como en las dos ediciones anteriores, la Muestra da a conocer una selección de las películas mas representativas de la cinematografía peruana de los últimos cincuenta años, en un formato que incluye documentales, cortometrajes y largometrajes.
Este año, el programa celebra la cinematografía Amazónica o también llamada Cine de Iquitos, ciudad enclavada en plena selva del Perú y que representa un hito importante y uno de los eventos históricos pioneros de la cinematografía peruana. Debido a la fiebre del caucho y la llegada de inmigrantes en su mayoría europeos, el interés cinematográfico empezó a inicios del siglo XX junto a la evolución del cine norteamericano en Hollywood.

Las Acacias > Directed by Pablo Giorgelli, winner of the Camara d'Or for Best First Film at last year's Cannes Film Festival > Quad Cinema > ACACIAS.

Ruben, a lonely middle-aged trucker who's picking up a load of lumber in Paraguay to take back to Buenos Aires, grudgingly agrees to take two passengers: Jacinta, a young Aboriginal mother and her five-month-old baby, Anahi. At first glance, the 1500 kilometer journey seems very long, both for Jacinta, who hopes to find work with the help of her cousin in Argentina, as well as for the surly trucker, whose routine is disrupted. But along the way, Ruben, Jacinta and Anahi slowly get to know one another, and the usually quiet Ruben gradually opens up.

Neighboring Sounds > Directed by Kleber Mendonça Filho Hasta Septiembre 13 > Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center en el Lincoln Center > SOUNDS

A thrilling debut from a breakout talent, Neighboring Sounds delves into the lives of a group of prosperous middle-class families residing on a quiet street in Recife, close to a low-income neighborhood. The private security firm hired to police the street becomes the catalyst for an exploration of the neighbors’ discontents and anxieties—their feelings exacerbated by the palpable unease of a society that remains unreconciled to its troubled past and present inequities. Meticulously constructed, with unexpected compositions and arresting cuts, this ensemble film is compulsive viewing; you’re never quite sure where things are headed as it builds imperceptibly toward its stunning payoff. With his unmistakable formal gifts and acute eye and ear for the push and pull of modern life, Kleber Mendonça Filho represents the arrival of a major filmmaker.

50th NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL > September 28 - October 14 > Film Society of Lincoln Center > NYFF

Founded in 1963, as the auteur theory and European cinematic modernism were crashing upon the shores of American film culture, the New York Film Festival continues to introduce audiences to the most exciting, innovative and accomplished works of world cinema. Join us as North America’s second oldest film festival celebrates the half-century mark with 17 days of exciting world premieres, prizewinners from Cannes and Berlin, special retrospective screenings, live performances, panel discussions and much more!


Screenings include indies just off the festival circuit, monthly sing-alongs, underground gems and all that flickers in between. Come early to grab a beer or wine in the cafe and stay for the filmmaker Q&A—this is way beyond your average night at the movies.

HERMANO > Directed by Marcel Rasquin >  Nationwide.

Hermano tells a simple and powerful story about two kids raised together as brothers: Daniel (Fernando Moreno) and Julio (Eliú Armas) – who struggle to become professional soccer players. Both exceptional players, in La Ceniza slum, the opportunity of a lifetime arrives when a headhunter for the Caracas Football Club invites them to a try-out with the team. But their life in the slum interferes and a tragedy shakes them, forcing them to make a choice: the unity of their family or their lifelong dream?

Pelotero (Ballplayer) > Directed by Ross Finkel, Trevor Martin and Jonathan Paley > DVD available now >> PELOTERO.

This compelling documentary narrated by John Leguizamo is a gritty look inside the world of Major League Baseball (MLB) training camps in the Dominican Republic. Miguel Angel and Jean Carlos are two of the top prospects at an MLB training camp, and they are both about to turn 16, which means they can be signed to an MLB farm team and ultimately move up to the majors. Filmmakers Ross Finkel, Trevor Martin and Jonathan Paley take you inside this never-before-seen world for an up-close and personal look at the cost of the American dream.

TO ROME WITH LOVE. Directed by Woody Allen. With Penélope Cruz. En Cartelera.

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