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Desde La Orquesta Aragón hasta el grupo Bajofondo, y desde Buika hasta Ute Lemper cantando a Pablo NerudaTo top it all, el maratón de Música CMJ 2012 toma la ciudad de Nueva York una vez más. Aqui tienen algunos de los eventos musicales más sobresalientes.


BAJOFONDO > Octubre 14 > Highline Ballroom > BAJO.

Several years ago, Argentine musician and composer Gustavo Santaolalla, together with Uruguayan musician-producer Juan Campodónico, conceived of a group that would be a collective of Argentine and Uruguayan artists dedicated to creating "contemporary music of the Rio de la Plata," the body of water that separates the two countries. The project, which debuted under the name Bajofondo Tango Club, was an alliance of producers, musicians, and singers that took shape in the recording studio, resulting in an inimitable tango-fusion blend. The group's first album, the self-titled Bajofondo Tango Club (2002), won a Latin Grammy for Best Instrumental Pop Album in 2003 and sold more than 300,000 copies worldwide.

CMJ MARATHON 2012 > Octubre 16 al 20 > Citywide > CMJ.

The CMJ Music Marathon is the world’s most important platform for the discovery of new music. Every fall, CMJ invades New York City with over 1,300 artist performances, filling more than 80 of the city’s greatest venues, nightclubs and theaters.
Attendees have access to 1,500+ showcases, plus hundreds of panels, seminars, Q&As, nighttime parties, meet and greets, mixers and special events.
Over 120,000 fans, entertainment industry professionals, college radio tastemakers, bloggers, press and musicians come from around the world to join us for the Marathon madness.
CMJ Marathon showcases are held in over 80 venues throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Our daytime programming is headquartered at NYU’s campus in Greenwich Village

*  White Light Festival > Octubre 18 - Noviembre 18 > Lincoln Center > LIGHT.
Les Arts Florissants and William Christie, conductor
Philippe Matsas
White Light Festival, our third annual exploration of the unparalleled power of performance to illuminate the many dimensions of our interior lives. The Festival is an artistic invocation, a concert-hall sanctuary from the storm and stress of urban life. This year, we focus on the body as a vehicle for transcendence, featuring inspiring and joyful dance works from Ireland, the U.K., and India. We explore the musical benedictions of Gustav Mahler and the hauntingly spare music of Arvo Pärt. We welcome artistic expression from around the world—choirs from Georgia and Latvia, France’s Les Arts Florissants, and China’s Wang Li. And America’s own genre-defying Mary Chapin Carpenter is certain to entrance her audience through the immediacy of a singer-songwriter’s voice.

ORQUESTA ARAGON > BB King Blues Club > Octubre 22 > ARAGON.

A pillar of Cuban music for much of the last 80 years, Orquesta Aragon got its start when double bass man Orestes Aragon Cantero debuted his charanga group in Cinefuegos. With violins, piano, flute, percussion, and vocals, the basic sound that has served the band ever since was already in place. But the group's name would evolve, from Ritmica de 39 to Ritmica Aragon, and finally, by the end of 1940, to Orquesta Aragon. A socialist before socialism was cool, Cantero rejected stardom, and the group he created became a monument to musical collectivism, with equal pay for all, and a sound that is all about unity and ensemble work. Cantero once said, "I want to found a musical family. I'm not looking for virtuoso players but musicians with human qualities." He got both, and his band worked the lively seaside scene in Cinefuegos year after year. Following the musical explosions that went on in Cuba during the '90s, the band regrouped under the leadership of Rafeal Lay Junior, returning to its roots, and to the recording studio to create rich new albums: Quien Sabe Sabe (1997), La Charanga Eterna (1999), En Route (2001), and Por Siempre Aragon (2002). En Route received a Grammy nomination in the Tropical Music category, marking a new high water mark in a band history that just won't quit. Capable of appealing to a good three generations of Cuban music fans, Orquesta Aragon continues releasing albums and performing in both Cuba and the U.S. The band is now a veritable institution, likely to outlive us all.


Cristina Morrison > 
 The Jazz Beat of Galapagos > New York Somethin' Jazz Club > Octubre 25 > MORRISON.

BUIKA >> Octubre 30 - Noviembre 1, 2 > BLUE NOTE.

Voted one of world’s “50 Great Voices” by NPR, Buika—born on the island of MaJorca to African immigrant parents—has emerged as a true innovator, a must-see artist among jazz aficionados. Her evident African roots and her cosmopolitanism, developed in clubs in Spain and Americanized during a surreal stint in Las Vegas, explain Buika’s rare self-possession. But nothing can quite explain her ability to connect, in spite of the fact that she sings nearly exclusively in Spanish—Buika is simply one of those rare and wonderful “one listen” artists. It’s a quality that struck the renowned filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, who cast her in The Skin I Live In, and jazz legend Chick Corea, who featured Buika as a special guest during his epic run at the Blue Note in late 2011.


Ute Lemper sings Pablo Neruda > Song Cycle of Love Poems w/ Steve Millhouse, Tito Castro, Andy Ezrin & John Benthal > Octubre 30, 31 > JOE'S.

Ute Lemper's newest creation is a song cycle to the love poems of Pablo Neruda. This very delicate and beautiful songbook is presented mainly in Spanish, but also has adaptations in French and English. It is a fantastic celebration of this especially sensual poetry by Neruda who had written these poems on the Chilean ISLA NEGRA after years of exile. Neruda had escaped from Chile to Argentina and Europe because of his anti-fascist political and artistic activities and writings. His main poetic creations were written during exile. He collaborated with Picasso on highly political inspired works and received several world peace awards by socialist countries. The love poems are dedicated to his wife Mathilda.
* SUGAR MAN RODRIGUEZ >> En Gira Nacional e Internacional > Rodriquez.

In 1997, Stephen "Sugar" Segerman set up a website, called 'The Great Rodriguez Hunt', with the intention of finding any information about the mysterious US musician of 'Cold Fact' fame. In the same year Brian Currin established 'Climb Up On My Music', a tribute site to the life and works of Rodriguez.
In 1998, when Rodriguez was discovered, alive and well and living in Detroit, the search was over and those two websites were combined into this one central online repository for all information about Rodriguez.

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