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Ute Lemper's newest creation is a song cycle to the love poems of Pablo Neruda. This very delicate and beautiful songbook is presented mainly in Spanish, but also has adaptations in French and English. It is a fantastic celebration of this especially sensual poetry by Neruda who had written these poems on the Chilean ISLA NEGRA after years of exile. Neruda had escaped from Chile to Argentina and Europe because of his anti-fascist political and artistic activities and writings. His main poetic creations were written during exile. He collaborated with Picasso on highly political inspired works and received several world peace awards by socialist countries. The love poems are dedicated to his wife Mathilda.
Ute Lemper sings Pablo Neruda > Song Cycle of Love Poems w/ Steve Millhouse, Tito Castro, Andy Ezrin & John Benthal > Joe's Pub > Octubre 30, 31 > JOE'S.

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