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Gabriel García Márquez with a black eye. Rodrigo Moya © 1976

This is a special exhibition of 35 signed, gelatin silver prints by the acclaimed Mexican photographer Rodrigo Moya at its New York gallery staged to coincide with their participation in the prestigious Winter Antiques Show. This important exhibition is the first New York show dedicated to the work of Rodrigo Moya (Mexico 1934).
“The work of Rodrigo Moya dating from the fifties and sixties makes up a significant chapter in Latin American photography,” says Spencer Throckmorton. “This exhibition underscores his masterful use of light and shadow as well as composition along with his sensitivity to the people,” says Throckmorton. The photographer’s candid images run the gamut from the revolution leader Che Guevara to painter Diego Rivera and Venezuelan guerillas to street children. Moya was the only Latin American to cover the US invasion of the Dominican Republic and the battle for Santo Domingo in April 1965.
RODRIGO MOYA: OJOS BIEN ABIERTOS (EYES WIDE OPEN) > Enero 10 - Marzo 2 > Thorockmorton Fine Art > MOYA.

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