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Dance on Camera Festival returns for the 17th consecutive year with an exciting and diverse array of dance films and programs, including a bevy of in-person appearances and premieres. This year's lineup includes fascinating documentaries about everything from ballet-dancing triplets to Finland's enfant terrible of the accordian, a two-part celebration of dance-turned-filmmaker Shirley Clarke, the 50th anniversary of the great flamenco film Los Tarantos, and the festival's first foray in to the glamourous and virtuosic genre of ice dancing with an introduction by skating legend Dick Button!

These are the Latino themed entries:

+ + TO DANCE LIKE A MAN. Directed by SYLVIE COLLIER, 2011. UK > Closing Night! 

Identical triplets Angel, César and Marcos of Cuba are poised for greatness at the start of their dancing career. No one can remember a trio of identical boys making it to a professional ballet stage anywhere. Ballet star José Carreño tells the 11-year-olds to pursue their dreams, just as he did when he was growing up in Havana. The triplets are top young students at Cuba’s renowned National Ballet School. Teachers comment that all three show equal emerging talent. This film explores a child’s-eye view on determination and hunger for professional success in the context of Cuba’s surprising impact on the formation of male dancers.


A lively and personal documentary on the life of Carmen Gutierrez, the first Mexican dancer to perform on Broadway. The film follows Gutierrez’s career from Bellas Artes in Mexico City with Anna Sokolow to the Ballet Russe (1946), on to Broadway with productions including; “Carousel” choreographed by Agnes de Mille, “Finian's Rainbow” (Michael Kidd), “The King and I” (Jerome Robbins), “Candide” (Anna Sokolow), and “West Side Story” (Jerome Robbins).

++ LOS TARANTOS. Directed by FRANCISCO ROVIRA BELETA, 1963. SPAIN. 50th Anniversary Screening! Actress Maria Esteve, the daughter of dancer Antonio Gades, in person!.

A classic flamenco drama inspired by Romeo and Juliet and possiblyWest Side Story, Los Tarantos is characterized by a sexy, gritty, Catalan gitano style of dancing and marks the final appearance of the legendary Carmen Amaya in the role of Angustias. The star-crossed lovers are Sara Lezana and the mesmerizing Antonio Gades, best remembered for his dancing (and acting) in Carlos Saura’s flamenco trilogy that began withCarmen. The film was nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1963 and has not been shown for many years. To celebrate this occasion, Maria Esteve, a well-known actress and the daughter of the iconic Gades will make a personal appearance at the screening.


As modern dance masters Jose Limon and Anna Sokolow become historical figures, how do their choreographic visions continue to survive and thrive? That is the topic of this program which consists of film excerpts, interviews and a panel dedicated to exploring the vital questions surrounding the challenges that face those dedicated professionals who continue to pursue the visions of their former mentors. Deborah Zall, a dance soloist and teacher who had the distinction of being both a Graham and a Sokolow dancer, will be joined by Carla Maxwell, a Limon dancer, choreographer, and Artistic Director of the Limon Dance Co. since 1978, and by Jim May, Artistic Director of the Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble and a Sokolow disciple for over 35 years. Choreographers Limon and Sokolow will be represented by selected film excerpts, following which the three panelists will be joined onstage by moderator Joan Finkelstein, Director of Dance, New York City Department of Education, for a lively discussion on keeping classic modern dance alive.

* Examining dance film beyond the movie theater screen, Dance on Camera will also feature an installation of short dance films at 25CPW Gallery showcasing the work of Diego Agudo Pinilla, among others as well as a special screening that explores dance films in both commercial and artistic contexts with filmmaker, choreographer and Bessie Award winning performer, Celia Rowlson-Hall and conceptual video artist, Brian Gonzalez.
 ** EL APARECIDO (2001) 3min. Director: Diego Agudo Pinilla. The film introduces hand-drawn animation of flamenco choreography based on Manuel de Falla`s ”El Amor Brujo”.

* Dance on Camera Festival 2013 > Film Society of Lincoln Center > Febrero 1 al 5 > DANCE.

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