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SAVING LINCOLN. Directed by Salvador Litvak > Febrero 15 > Varios teatros.

Based on true events, SAVING LINCOLN tells the little-known story of our 16th President (whose life, and death, is currently generating a plethora of films, television and book projects), through the eyes of his long-time friend and law partner from 1852 to 1857 colleague, Ward Hill Lamon. Lamon, a Southerner, was a banjo-player, singer, and pistol-packing jokester who appointed himself Lincoln’s bodyguard after the first assassination attempt in 1861, and who foiled repeated attempts on the President's life throughout their four years in Washington. 

Despite some pronounced differences between the two men, they shared a fondness for telling jokes and stories, and both felt slavery should be eliminated. Lamon often served as Lincoln's private confidant, and kept him functioning during the darkest hours of the Civil War. Lincoln was never far from him – save that fateful night at 
Ford’s Theatre when Lamon was sent by the President on a Reconstruction mission to Richmond.
This unique feature film was shot entirely on a single green screen stage and composited into vintage photographs of the Civil War era. As Director Litvak says, “I borrowed techniques from painting, photography, animation, stereoscopy, and VFX compositing to create a style I call CineCollage.
SAVING LINCOLN. Directed by Salvador Litvak > Opens Febrero 15. 

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