Julio Larraz en la Galería Marlborough

Monday, March 11, 2013 , Posted by LATINO EVENTS Y TESPIS MAGAZINE at 3:10 PM

 Julio Larraz La pesca de la langosta, 2011 oil on canvas

Stylistically, Larraz’s work may be characterized by simplicity of touch, dramatic lighting, sensuous colors, exaggerated scale, and a combination of reality and fantasy that is generally tropical in atmosphere. His subjects are often metaphors for such things as isolation, melancholy, the absurdity of power, or political intrigue. His paintings frequently incorporate Greek myths and legends, art history dialogues, and contemporary history.
Many of the pieces included in this exhibition embody an overarching characteristic of Larraz’s work: he creates a strong nar- rative element with latent implications that go beyond what is represented on the canvas. The critic Christofer Finch wrote, “a constant in Larraz’s art is the always ambiguous interaction between man and nature... Larraz has a virtuoso’s ability to conjure up the physical world. Beyond this he takes a poet’s delight in evoking imaginary universes, so that every image seems to take on a special significance in the context of the whole, as if it has been plucked from some epic that has yet to be written.”

Julio Larraz > Marlborough Gallery > Hasta Marzo 16 > LARRAZ.

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