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Pregones is thrilled to announce a new world premiere musical play, born and bred by our award winning ensemble, right here in Da Bronx!
Inspired by the life of b-boy and muse Juan Rivera and the book Queer Latino Testimonio, Keith Haring and Juanito Xtravaganza: Hard Tails by Arnaldo Cruz Malavé, NEON BABY is a funky new musical set in a mythical dance club called Paradise —inspired by the famed Paradise Garage— where runaway gay youths of color find the family and the courage to let their better selves shine through.
Two passions take center stage in the story: First, the passion of a mother praying from a distance for her son's safety and well-being in the big city, amidst the AIDS crisis. Second, the furious bond between the runaway boy, the city that seduces him, the man that breaks his heart, and and the strangers who welcome and cherish him as one of their own.
NEON BABY is a funkalicious story about the love of a mother for her son, a son for his mother, a boy for his sisters and brothers, blood family and chosen family, lovers and fighters — each and all hopeful and fierce and drunk with radiant music.
A lifting remembrance of New York City at the turn of the last century, and a love letter to the children who made that era truly legendary!
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