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“Estrada: Sailing through design” is an exhibition structured around the graphic designer Manuel Estrada’s visual diaries, which he uses to register his working process including ideas, perceptions and first sketches. The exhibition’s goal is to reveal not only Estrada’s specific creative process but also the steps that any design project may involve. The show takes us from first ideas to final designs, guiding us through the stages in between where concepts and shapes change until reaching the most adequate conceptual, contextual and formal result.
“Estrada: Sailing through design” is also a journey through Spanish culture. Mainly devoted to corporate identity and editorial design, Estrada has worked for some of the most significant cultural institutions and companies in Spain. Through his designs we encounter the writers, institutions and events that are at the core of contemporary Spanish life.
Estrada: Sailing through design > Hasta Octubre 11 >
AIGA National Design Center > Estrada.

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