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 Luis Bravo’s Forever Tango, traces the colorful history of tango through music, dance and dramatic vignettes, features an all Argentine cast –14 dancers and a 11-piece orchestra. The 26-member Forever Tango Company includes world class dancers who utilize their own unique flourishes, each drawing from the wellspring of cultural inspiration offering unspoken insight into this mysterious and passionate art form. The orchestra is led by Victor Lavallén on the bandoneón, an accordion-like instrument imported to Argentina from Germany in 1886.
Sensuous and sophisticated, the tango inhabits a world where everything can be said with the flick of a leg, the tug of a hand, the tap of a foot and the arch of an eyebrow. Both beloved and infamous as one of the most sensuous of all dance forms, tango was born in Argentina at a time when holding hands was considered a scandalous development in social dancing. Tango was initially only danced in gambling houses and places of prostitution. Working women developed skill in the dance in order to attract customers; lonely men practiced the art in order to woo and impress the women.
It was the porteños, the Argentine men who created the tango craze – from the streets to the cafes, and from the bordellos to the great stages of Europe. The tango, which clearly became one of the most enduring and influential popular dance styles of the 20th Century, may well be Argentina’s best known export.
The dance developed as a prologue to sex itself, infused with the passion and personality of the dancers. Today, the tango’s influence can be found in a variety of dance idioms, including modern dance, jazz, and classical ballet.
According to creator/director Mr. Bravo, “The tango is a feeling that you dance; a story that you tell in three minutes – it is passionate, tender, violent.” He adds, “The tango represents so much more than just a dance: it is a music, a culture, a way of life.”
* Luis Bravo's FOREVER TANGO > Hasta Septiembre 15 > Walter Kerr Theater > Tango.

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