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Estamos super orgullosos de ser, una vez más, uno de los patrocinadores de la 6ta Edición del Performing Arts Marathon (PAM) 2013, el festival inter-diciplinario vanguardista por excelencia producido por el Teatro Iati para todos los neoyorquinos!. Les invitamos a que nos acompañen en la renovada sede del teatro en la Calle 4-Este del East Village!.
Además les tenemos varios estrenos en el Repertorio Español, la nueva temporada de Shakespeare In The Park, el Fringe Festival y Teatro Infantil en el Teatro Sea. En Broadway tenemos el estreno de Fist Date y el regreso de Forever Tango. Fuerza Bruta regresa al Teatro Daryl Roth una vez más. Suficiente para mantenerles ocupados este verano 2013.


Performing Arts Marathon (PAM) 2013 >  Julio 19 - Agosto 4 > Teatro IATI > PAM


IATI Theater’s 6th annual Performing Arts Marathon (PAM) 2013 features an eclectic group of 8 Local and International Performances that break the boundaries of dance, theater, and music performances, both comedic and dramatic, taking us to countries around the world and even into outer space featuring 3 theater performances, 2 dance performances, 2 music performances and 1 multidisciplinary performance—enthralling works from vastly different cultures.

* Luis Bravo's FOREVER TANGO > Hasta Septiembre 15 > Walter Kerr Theater > Tango.

 Luis Bravo’s Forever Tango, traces the colorful history of tango through music, dance and dramatic vignettes, features an all Argentine cast –14 dancers and a 11-piece orchestra. The 26-member Forever Tango Company includes world class dancers who utilize their own unique flourishes, each drawing from the wellspring of cultural inspiration offering unspoken insight into this mysterious and passionate art form. The orchestra is led by Victor Lavallén on the bandoneón, an accordion-like instrument imported to Argentina from Germany in 1886.
Sensuous and sophisticated, the tango inhabits a world where everything can be said with the flick of a leg, the tug of a hand, the tap of a foot and the arch of an eyebrow. Both beloved and infamous as one of the most sensuous of all dance forms, tango was born in Argentina at a time when holding hands was considered a scandalous development in social dancing. Tango was initially only danced in gambling houses and places of prostitution. Working women developed skill in the dance in order to attract customers; lonely men practiced the art in order to woo and impress the women.
It was the porteños, the Argentine men who created the tango craze – from the streets to the cafes, and from the bordellos to the great stages of Europe. The tango, which clearly became one of the most enduring and influential popular dance styles of the 20th Century, may well be Argentina’s best known export.
The dance developed as a prologue to sex itself, infused with the passion and personality of the dancers. Today, the tango’s influence can be found in a variety of dance idioms, including modern dance, jazz, and classical ballet.
According to creator/director Mr. Bravo, “The tango is a feeling that you dance; a story that you tell in three minutes – it is passionate, tender, violent.” He adds, “The tango represents so much more than just a dance: it is a music, a culture, a way of life.”

FIRST DATE > A Musical Comedy > In Previews now > Opens August 9th > Longacre Theatre > First.

When blind date newbie Aaron (Zachary Levi; “Chuck” and Thor: The Dark World) is set up with serial-dater Casey (Krysta Rodriguez; “Smash” and The Addams Family), a casual drink at a busy New York restaurant turns into a hilarious high-stakes dinner. As the date unfolds in real time, the couple quickly finds that they are not alone on this unpredictable evening. In a delightful and unexpected twist, Casey and Aaron’s inner critics take on a life of their own when other restaurant patrons transform into supportive best friends, manipulative exes and protective parents, who sing and dance them through ice-breakers, appetizers and potential conversational land mines. Can this couple turn what could be a dating disaster into something special before the check arrives?.

* FUERZA BRUTA > Hasta Septiembre 29 > Daryl Roth Theatre > Fuerza.

From the creators of the smash-hit De La Guarda, Fuerza Bruta is an event where worlds collide, dreams are real and reality takes a back seat. The visuals are spectacular. The effects are stunning. Performers run and tumble across a vertical wall of technicolor cloth, a man runs headlong through a wall – most extraordinary of all – performers dance in watery world just above the audience’s heads. This all takes place to a soundtrack that traverses thumping club beats to the mellow sounds of new world music. Fuerza Bruta took Europe, South America and Miami by storm – and has been captivating New York audiences as one of the most talked about theatrical experiences On or off Broadway!

Van Lier: El loco por fuerza > Julio 25, 26, 28 | Agosto 2, 4 > Repertorio Español >  Repertorio

Dos amantes escapan con el fin de formalizar su relación pero un hombre interesado en conquistar a la dama hace arreglos para que sean arrestados. Los amantes, confundidos por lo ocurrido luchan para obtener su libertad y reencontrarse. Una sorprendente obra de dimensiones inesperadas que relata el poder de la pasión humana.
Parte de la 4ta Beca de Directores Jóvenes Van Lier auspiciada por El New York Community Trust.
Una oportunidad para talentosos jóvenes directores de la Ciudad de Nueva York de mostrar su talento al público neoyorquino. ¡Sea el primero en descubrir a los directores del futuro!.

* LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST, A NEW MUSICAL > Shakespeare in the Park > Julio 23 - Agosto 18 > The Public Theater at Delacorte Theater in Central Park > Public.

Romance, revelry and enchanting music ignite in this contemporary yet lovingly faithful musical adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy. The King and his best buds decide at their five-year college reunion to swear off the joys of women. But when four cute, clever girls from their past show up, they’re forced to reconsider all of that nonsense! Smart, sexy, outrageous, and irreverent, LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST is a madcap celebration of true love and coming of age.
Obie Award winner Michael Friedman (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson) and two-time Tony Award nominee Alex Timbers (Peter and the Starcatcher) reunite for this fresh and unexpected evening of song, sonnets and Shakespeare, continuing The Public Theater’s long tradition of premiering new musicals in New York's most magical summer setting. A love letter to Shakespeare in the Park
from the creators of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.

ALCESTIS ASCENDING > Julio 9 - 21 > The Harold Clurman Theatre at Theatre Row > Alcestis.

Cuban National Office of Scenic Arts (El Consejo Nacional de Artes Escenicas, CNAE), The University of Alabama and Company HavanaBama will present the World Premiere of ALCESTIS ASCENDING, a bilingual new play with music based on Euripides’ classic drama. Written and directed by Seth Panitch, this unprecedented production combines actors and dancers from the Cuban National Office of Scenic Arts (several of whom are TV stars in Cuba) as well as actors from the University of Alabama. Opening of this limited Off-Broadway engagement is set for Thursday, July 11. The production also travels to Cuba where it will run July 24 – August 4 at the Raquel Revuelta Theatre in Havana.

21 > A New Comedy > Repertorio Español > Julio 27 > Repertorio.

Una mirada a la vida americana moderna desde la perspectiva de una familia puertorriqueña. Un joven recientemente graduado de la universidad que se siente alienado por su extravagante familia, hace planes para aceptar un trabajo de periodismo en Turquía. Sus padres, sin embargo, tienen planes diferentes para él, y durante un viaje a un casino al norte del estado de Nueva York para celebrar su graduación y su cumpleaños número 21, se desata toda la controversia cuando miembros de la familia se encuentran en desacuerdo sobre si deben apoyar o no su decisión.
Obra ganadora de la Competencia de Obras Latinas Nuestras Voces 2011 auspiciada por la Fundación MetLife.

PILOBOLUS > Julio 9 - Agosto 4  > Teatro Joyce.

Photo: Robert Whitman
Pilobolus presents two new and exciting works for the upcoming season. Trish Sie, whose last collaborations with Pilobolus birthed the wildly popular works All Is Not Lost (2011) and Skyscrapers (2012), both set to songs of the same names by the alternative rock group OK Go, teams up with the company for Licks, a high-octane romp, full of raw energy and berserk horseplay. For the company’s second premiere,[esc], Pilobolus collaborates with international superstars of trickery, Penn & Teller, resulting in the ultimate in gripping, do-not-try-this-at-home choreography. The season also features many favorite works from the company’s more than forty years of inventive repertory.

Shakespeare in the Parking Lot > The Drilling Company > Julio 11 - Agosto 17 > Lot.

Shakespeare in the Parking Lot is a summer New York institution that performs free Shakespeare productions in a municipal parking lot at the corner of Ludlow and Broome Streets in Manhattan's Lower East Side.
Cymbeline > Julio 11 - 27
+  Richard III > Agosto 1 - 17

The New York International Fringe Festival > Agosto 9 - 25 > Citywide > Fringe.

The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC) is the largest multi-arts festival in North America, with more than 200 companies from all over the world performing for 16 days in more than 20 venues. In addition to 1200 incredible performances, FringeNYC includes:

Van Lier: La fuerza de la costumbre > Agosto 22, 23, 25, 30 | Septiembre 1 > Repertorio Español > Repertorio.

Una pareja de gemelos se reencuentra con sus padres luego de vivir distanciados por muchos años. Una vez reunidos, la familia descubre que los gemelos –un hombre y una mujer- no se comportan de acuerdo a las expectativas sociales para cada uno de sus géneros. Todo cambia cuando cada uno de ellos se enamora y aprende a combatir ‘la fuerza de la costumbre’ en la que fueron criados.
Parte de la 4ta Beca de Directores Jóvenes Van Lier auspiciada por El New York Community Trust.
Una oportunidad para talentosos jóvenes directores de la Ciudad de Nueva York de mostrar su talento al público neoyorquino. ¡Sea el primero en descubrir a los directores del futuro!

Teatro Infantil > Teatro Sea > Durante el verano > Sea.

The Society of the Educational Arts, Inc. (SEA), a Bilingual Arts-in-Education Organization & Latino Theatre Company for Young Audiences, is dedicated to the empowerment and educational advancement of children and young adults. SEA creates educational theater and arts programs specifically designed to examine, challenge and create possible solutions for current educational and social issues affecting our communities.
Summer shows include: Little Red Riding Hood; Goldilocks and the 3 Bears; Juan Bobo y Pedro Animal, The Encounter; The Three Little Pigs.



The Book Of Mormon > by Trey Parker, Robert López y Matt Stone. Teatro Eugene O'Neill >> MORMON.


Bésame Mucho > Una antología musical de canciones compuestas por mujeres latinoamericanas > De Pablo Zinger > Julio 13, 28 | Agosto 4, 10, 25 > Bésame.

Pablo Zinger, director musical de zarzuelas y antologías musicales de Repertorio Español, regresa a la compañía con un nuevo programa que celebra las contribuciones musicales de compositoras latinoamericanas. La antología incluye adoradas canciones tales como “Bésame mucho”, “Dos gardenias”, “Júrame”, “Cachito”, “Olas y arena” y “Gracias a la vida” interpretadas por extraordinarias voces con música en vivo.
Algunas de las compositoras cuyas canciones forman parte del programa, incluyen Sylvia Rexach (Puerto Rico), María Grever y Consuelo Velásquez (México), Isolina Carrillo y Ernestina Lecuona (Cuba), Chabuca Granda (Perú), Violeta Parra (Chile) y Eladia Blázquez y María Elena Walsh (Argentina).

En El Tiempo De Las Mariposas > Julio 14 | Agosto 9, 13 | Septiembre 14 En Repertorio Español.

En el tiempo de las mariposas. Photo Michael Palma.

“In The Time of the Butterflies” is the story of the courageous Mirabal sisters (Patria, Minerva and María Teresa) from the Dominican Republic. The sisters inspired resistance cells throughout the country against the dictatorial regime of Gen. Rafael Leónidas Trujillo. The ‘butterflies’, their secret code name, were brutally murdered by the regime in 1960.
Based on Julia Álvarez’s popular novel, the martyred butterflies come to vibrant life in a warm, brilliant, and dramatic production by the talented duo – playwright Caridad Svich and director José Zayas– that brought us the critically acclaimed production of Isabel Allende’s “The House of the Spirits” in 2009.

Entrada Gratis* > Gratis no hay nada > De Saulo García >  Agosto 17, 18 | Septembre 7, 8 > Repertorio Español > Gratis.

Un hilarante monólogo de Saulo García el dotado comediante que nos trajo “La vida en los Esclavos Unidos” y “El insomnio americano”. En Entrada Gratis* Saulo se aventura a hablar de temas tabúes como la política, la muerte, la mentira conyugal y las relaciones entre padres e hijos para entregarnos un espectáculo que destaca tanto por una frecuencia vertiginosa de risas, como por una sabiduría que no acusa ni da lecciones, pero señala, reflexiona y termina por conmover.

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