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IATI Theater’s 6th annual Performing Arts Marathon (PAM) 2013 features an eclectic group of 8 Local and International Performances that break the boundaries of dance, theater, and music performances, both comedic and dramatic, taking us to countries around the world and even into outer space featuring 3 theater performances, 2 dance performances, 2 music performances and 1 multidisciplinary performance—enthralling 
works from vastly different cultures.
This year, PAM promises to bring, the most diversified, loudest, smoothest, and captivating shows from IATI Theater in one ambitious and exhilarating festival. PAM 2013 returns to its international flare with shows from Europe, Asia and the Americas. The performances range from dance, music and poetry to video and multi-media. The show’s individual yet universal stories contend the central theme of identity; its quest, mystery and resolution. IATI Theater invites audiences to experience the depth and originality of this year’s performances as they present their approach to one of life’s most complicated paradoxes.
Here, at Tespis Magazine and LatinoEvents are proud to support this groundbreaking festival. Please join us to celebrate PAM 2013

About the shows:

* You and Me

Theater. Little Soldier Productions. by Roger Simeon, directed by Byrony Shanahan.

Growing old can be a sweet, peaceful process or it can be a real pain in the ass. For two Spanish sisters living in a foreign land, it’s a combination of both. Learn their story as they exchange tender reminiscences, outrageous defamations, and acts of pure madness. Sit on their battered rug amid a mountain of mysterious boxes as they squabble over petty nuisances and recall their fondest memories. Partake in their struggle as they fight to stay in one world for as long as they can, until being forced into another. Is their behavior just eccentricity or something
more destructive?.

* Callaloo: A Jazz Folktale
Theater, music, dance by Marjuan Canady, directed by Natalie Carter composer: Etienne Charles.

Meet Winston, a young boy who gets lost in a dream where mythical Caribbean characters roam freely. Mixing Trinidad and Tobago’s rich Folklore culture with the sweet sounds of jazz emanating from Etienne Charles’ jazz masterpiece Folklore, Callaloo promises to bring you the very best Trinidadian storytelling has to offer. Follow Winston through his dream as he encounters Papa Bois, Soucoyant, La Diablesse, Lagahoo and the Dwens. Sway to the rhythm of the jazz trumpet as two actors in carnival costumes transport you to a world you’ve never yet experienced. Here, Calalloo brings carnival to you.

* Casa de Pessoa
Theater. Yinzerspielen. By Cory Tamler and Patrick Berger.

What if you had the power to bring your favorite literary characters to life? Would you want to? Would you be prepared for the consequences? These are the questions scientist Rich Zenith must face when he decides to advance an experiment he and his wife, Kati, have been working on: breathing life into the legendary Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa’s fictional authors, known as “heteronyms”. Unbeknownst to Kati, Rich throws a surprise party for her in which he will unveil their untested creation. And who will be the test subjects? The audience, of course! Join in on the fun—and terror!—as random members of the party are chosen to embody Pessoa’s most well-known “Nyms”.

* New York: One State. Many Nations
Music. Composer/ Director: Carlos David Bernales. 

Exemplifying the essence of a “cultural melting pot”, ‘New York: One State. Many Nations’ sets poetry to music in a concert that celebrates the diversity of one of the greatest cities in the world. With inspiration from pieces by Neruda, Rumi, Whitman, Langston Hughes, Tagore, and Cesar Vallejo, to name a few, composer Carlos D. Bernales orchestrates this ambitious love song to New York. ‘New York’ follows Bernales’ previous project, “PERU: One Country. Many Nations” in exposing just what makes such a place thrive, under the vibrancy of its inhabitants.

* Europa
Theater. Cloud of Fools Theater Company. By Casey Robinson.

In the near future, an ice-covered moon is found to contain life, along with a possible source for long-lasting clean energy deep within its waters. Two astronauts, a man and wife, are chosen to investigate the groundbreaking discovery. They embark on an ambitious quest that will take them far into the depths of this vast new world. But as they sink deeper into the realm of this lunar ocean, in search of a key to the extension of human sustenance, they are forced to reexamine their own connection and question what it is that has kept them together.

* PREMIKA—Women in Love 
Dance. The Kathak Ensemble & Friends. Choreographer: Janaki.

Patrik Paints a rainbow of emotions ranging from jealousy and rage to longing and ecstasy. Stories of loving and being loved, set to Hindustani music and classical Indian Kathak dance, are dramatized in modern English. Referring with humor and pathos to contemporary entanglements caused by technology and women’s empowerment, the narrator relates classical dance and poetry to the modern process of tying and untying the lovers’ knot. Wearing one hundred bells on each ankle, the dancers create a sensuous musical soundscape, matched by the shimmer of brocade and silk costumes.

* Janusphere-Evolution 

Dance. Janusphere Dance Company. choreographer: Darion Smith.

Janusphere Dance Company presents Janusphere-Evolution, a program of multimedia dance featuring premiere performances of KinderPlatz and A Dancer’s Life. Smith’s choreography redefinaes space and the functionality of movement in KinderPlatz by juxtaposing the free spirit and naivety of youth against the precise, controlled, and sophisticated motions of adults trained in movement. In A Dancer’s Life the inner nature of a dancer’s existence is explored, from the mundane daily tasks to the extraordinary shared experience of dance ensembles, revealing the full range of a dancer’s experiences in compelling and dramatic ways. 

*Sarah King 
Music. Composer/Director: Jose Conde.

With an instantly classic unforgettable voice, Sarah King sings, plays ukelele, and leads a 9 piece rhythm and brass driven band that bridges Americana, funk, jazz, and pop with 21st century original NY flavor! PAM is very proud to host the debut of this contemporary roots artist and band which is the result of a collaboration between Ms. King and producer, artist, multi-instrumentalist and arranger Jose Conde.

* Performing Arts Marathon (PAM) 2013 > Julio 19 - Agosto 4 > Teatro IATI > PAM.

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