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El Festival de Cine de Nueva York presenta varias películas latinas en su edición 51. Participando oficialmente en el festival tenemos a GLORIA del director chileno Sebastián Leilo y al mexicano Fernando Eimbcke quien ha sido nombrado como Artista Emergente y del cual se presentan tres películas, incluida la simpática comedia CLUB SANDWICH (Las otras dos son: TEMPORADA DE PATOS Y LAKE TAHOE). 
Varias películas francesas también completan una sólida presencia latina en Nueva York: Abuse of Weakness, de Catherine Breillat; Bastards, de Claire Denis; Jealousy, de Phillippe Garrel; Stranger by the Lake, de Alain Guiraudie, entre otras. Y debemos añadir, por supuesto, la retrospectiva de Jean-Luc Godard!.


* En los Documentales tenemos What Now, Remind Me, de Joaquim Pinto; Who is Dayani Cristal, de Marc Silver y Manakamana, de Stephanie Spray y Pacho Velez.

* En los Cortos tenemos Tryouts, de Susana Caseres; Carny, de Fernanda Chicolet y The King's Body, de Joåo Pedro Rodrigues.

* En Views from the Avant-Garde encontramos a Life is a Dream, de Raul Ruíz; Costa da Morte y Montaña en Sombras, de Lois Patiño; Dive Approach and Exit, de Sandro Aguilar y Redemption, de Miguel Gomes.

For more info please visit > NYFF51.

About Gloria and Club Sandwich:

Gloria, de Sebastián Lelio 2013
Chile/Spain | Spanish with English subtitles | 110 minutes
Director Sebastian Lélio and star Paulina García in person for Q&A at both screenings!. October 6,7.

Gloria (Paulina García) is an attractive middle-aged woman who lives alone, sees her children infrequently, and seems to be quietly preparing herself for the infirmities and the loneliness of old age. She goes to dance clubs but maintains a polite remove from all men. Until she meets Rodolfo (Sergio Hernandez), a sweet gentleman with whom she decides to take the plunge into romance. Director Sebastián Lelio, co-writer Gonzalo Maza and the wonderful García build their title character and her world one sharp insight and on-the-mark detail and situation at a time. It’s difficult to remember another film as refreshingly frank about sexual desire felt by people of Gloria’s and Rodolfo’s respective ages, or as attentive to the painful dilemma of giving up old habits to make room for a new companion. From its melancholy opening scenes to its believably triumphant ending, this wise, funny movie doesn’t strike a single false note. A Roadside Attraction release.

* Club Sandwich, de Fernando Eimbcke. 2013
Mexico | Spanish with English subtitles | 82 minutes. 
Director Fernando Eimbcke and producer Christian Valdelièvre in person! > October 1, 8.

In his latest low-key, slow-burn comedy Fernando Eimbcke ventures into the fraught territory of puberty and separation anxiety, as he focuses on a teenage boy taking his first tentative (and furtive) steps into the uncharted waters of sex. Listless 15-year-old Héctor (Lucio Gimenez Cacho Goded) is on vacation with his thirtysomething single mother Paloma (Maria Renée Prudencia). Mother and son have the deserted off-season resort hotel to themselves until a couple arrive with their 16-year-old daughter, Jazmin (Danae Reynaud Romero). Jazmin sets her sights on Hector, but Mom has a way of interrupting them whenever things get interesting. The director’s deadpan comic style is grounded in a deliciously awkward use of silence and the unspoken, punctuated by occasional exchanges about nothing in particular. In Club Sandwich, Eimbcke uses his precise timing and composition to demonstrate that less can still sometimes be more.

For more info please visit > NYFF51.

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