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Justo a tiempo para revivir algunas pesadillas de infancia!. El Anthology presenta una serie de 10 días dedicada al cine de horror/terror español realizado del 1967 al 1976, llamada aquí su época de oro.

Happy Halloween!

For a decade (1967-1976), Spain terrorized the world, cinematically-speaking. In the waning years of the Franco dictatorship hundreds of horror films were released, all of them characterized by their eroticism, violence, and unrestrained cinematography. Almost unintentionally, these movies provided an x-ray of a sociologically fractured country. Produced with miniscule budgets and under trying circumstances, the Spanish horror movies of that time were seen for years as a curious anomaly. Four decades later, the films directed by (the recently deceased) Jess Franco or starring Paul Naschy have developed a deserved cult following on both sides of the Atlantic.
Showcasing eleven classics of Spanish horror cinema, this series has been curated by Francisco Javier Pulido Samper, the author of the 2012 book, “The Golden Decade of Terror Cinema in Spain”, for which he interviewed Franco, Naschy, and numerous other key participants in this grisly, disreputable, but unforgettable genre. Beginning the night before Halloween, this extensive survey will bring these films’ hosts of vampires, werewolves, zombies, and psychos back to life, for two terror-filled weeks!

* THE GOLDEN AGE OF SPANISH HORROR CINEMA > October 30 – November 10 > Anthology Film Archives > HORROR.

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