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Brazilian director Bruno Barreto (Oscar nominated > Four Days in September) was in NYC to promote Reaching for the Moon, his latest film. The movie tells the love story of two amazing and talented women: Pulitzer Prize winner poet Elizabeth Bishop and Lota de Macedo Soares, a brazilian architect responsible for the world's famous Flamingo Park. 

Bruno Barreto. Photo by Alex Guerrero ®2013
Set mostly around Rio de Janeiro circa 1950's, reaching for the Moon is also a story of losing, of search and of redemption of a sort. How lives come together, interconnect, and separate no matter how much love there is in between. Or maybe precisely because of it. As the movie starts we see Elizabeth Bishop reading her latest attempt at poetry: 'The art or losing is not hard to master'... indeed. Even if it takes us a long time to do it. Is just part of the fabric of life, of love. Bruno Barreto explores it beautifully in Reaching for the Moon.
Reaching for the Moon opens on November 8 in NYC
The interview with director Bruno Barreto will be posted later on tonight. :)

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