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La reposición de Nocturnal Creatures está a cargo del Teatro LaMicro como celebración de su décimo aniversario. La obra de Juan Mayorga se presenta hasta el 3 de Noviembre en el Teatro Círculo. 

Ever wished you could be another person? In a big city, some can take that wish too far.
Two neighbors. Perfect strangers with nothing in common except that one of them has been watching the other for a long time. When a new immigration law allows legal citizens to report suspects, the two strangers finally meet.
In Scheherazade and the Sultan, she captivates him with a new tale each night, to keep him intrigued and avoid her death. In Nocturnal Creatures, one man is forced to become friends with the other, under the threat of being reported to the authorities. But their unlikely friendship soon turns into obsession, bringing abrupt consequences. Brimming with dark humor, Nocturnal Creatures depicts four urban characters starved of communication. Much like the nocturnal creatures of a zoo live under artificial night light, these two couples live under pretended normalcy and muted violence. And when they finally speak up, they barely recognize themselves, or the others. 
Directed by Jerry Ruiz.
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