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This is a great exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design. I had the change to go to the press preview. Is all about expanding the boundaries of Art, Design and Architecture by exploring the latest trends in digital fabrication!. Amazing possibilities!.

"Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital" is the first in-depth survey dedicated to exploring the impact of computer-assisted methods of production on contemporary art, architecture, and design. 

This landmark exhibition brings together more than 120 works of sculpture, jewelry, fashion, and furniture by 85 artists, architects, and designers from 20 countries to examine how new technologies are pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and creation. 

The cutting-edge works highlighted in the exhibition demonstrate the reciprocal relationship between art and technological innovation as well as materials and new techniques-an area of exploration that has long been at the core of MAD's mission and curatorial program.

See more pictures > Picasa. Or visit the museum website > MAD

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