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Spanish artist Bernardi Roig's solo exhibition: THE MIRROR (exercises to be another), has just ended at Claire Oliver Gallery in NYC. If you couldn't make it to the gallery, here are some shots I took several days ago. 
With a series of new sculptures and charcoal drawings, the artist continues the exploration of man's anxiety to belong, unfolding for the viewer an unsettling experience with his obsessions.

Roig confronts the actions we take based on outside pressures and influences, and those images in our heads which we are unable to explain to others through our known human faculties. The Artist's new works labor under a shadow of two key queries: how does one confront iconic imagery which is still relevant, and how is it possible in a world overflowing with images, to create a new and lasting image, an image that pushes us to the edge of what is possible. 

Deeply influenced by literature and film, Roig’s work has followed a path swayed by narrative and a theatrical concept of plastic space. See the slideshow below or follow the link > Roig.

All pictures by Alex Guerrero ®2013

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