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El Festival de Cine de Tribeca se acerca y me encuentro con al menos 10 producciones con realizadores, temas o actores Latinos. Inclusive con algunas películas fresquitas de ganarse reconocimientos en el circuito de festivales mundial como 'Pelo Malo' de la directora venezolana Mariana Rondón. 

Venezuela, México, Argentina, Colombia, USA, Puerto Rico y Perú, además de cintas de Italia y Francia forman parte de las principales secciones del festival. Como en años anteriores, desde LatinoEvents estaremos también llevándole la cobertura del festival, uno de los más importantes del país y en donde la presencia latina se ha hecho sentir desde sus inicios. En una nota futura publicaremos el listado de cortometrajes y dos proyectos especiales de Transmedia que también forman parte del festival. El Tribeca Film Festival se realiza en NYC del 16 al 27 de Abril venideros. 

Entérense de las10 películas presentes en el TFF2014!:

1- Pelo Malo. Directed by Mariana Rondón.
(Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Germany)

Junior, a nine-year-old living in Caracas, wants nothing more than to straighten his unruly hair to look like a singer for his school photo—a fixation that stirs homophobic panic in his overtaxed mother. Each effort Junior makes to alter his appearance and gain his mother’s love is brushed off with abrasive avoidance until he’s ultimately faced with a heartbreaking decision. With a painfully tender performance by Samuel Lange, writer-director Mariana Rondón directs this coming-of-age drama about the search for identity clashing with intolerance. In Spanish with subtitles.

2- Güeros. Directed by Alonso RuizPalacios. (México)

A water balloon suddenly dropping from the sky exploding on a mother’s head in the frantic first moments of this striking debut feature, announces its director, Alonso Ruiz Palacios, as a bold new voice of Mexican cinema. Set amidst the 1999 student strikes in Mexico City, this coming-of-age tale finds two brothers venturing through the city in a sentimental search for an aging legendary musician. Shot in beautiful black-and-white, Gueros brims with youthful exuberance. In Spanish with subtitles.

3- Mala Mala. Directed by Dan Sickles y Antonio Santini.
(Puerto Rico)

Antonio Santini and Dan Sickles’ vibrant and visually striking immersion in the transgender community of Puerto Rico celebrates the breadth of experiences among trans-identifying women: from campaigning for government-recognized human rights, to working in the sex industry, to performing as part of the drag troupe “The Doll House.” Unapologetic and unconventional, Mala Mala explores the ways internal and external identity pave the path of self discovery through the unique yet universal stories of its fascinating cast of characters. In English and Spanish with subtitles.

4- El documental 'Maravilla' de Juan Pablo Cadaveira.

A true underdog story, Maravilla follows Argentinian boxer Sergio ‘Maravilla’ Martinez, as he sets out to reclaim the title of Middleweight champion that was unfairly snatched from him in 2011 by Julio Chavez, Jr. Focusing on the rise of Martinez from penniless amateur to world champion and sporting celebrity, director Juan Pablo Cadaveira offers a fascinating glimpse into today’s boxing landscape, revealing the politics of the sporting profession that often places entertainment value over the sport itself. In English and Spanish with subtitles.

5- Human Capital (Il capitale umano) de Paolo Virzì, Francesco Bruni and Francesco Piccolo. (Italy, France)

In Paolo Virzì’s refined three-chapter tale, we begin at the end. Approaching a snowy night from three vastly different perspectives, the lives of two generations overlap as they tumble toward an ill-fated event that inextricably links them. Starring two of Italy’s leading actresses, Valeria Golino and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Human Capital twists love, class, and ambition into a singular, true-life story that exposes the consequences of valuing certain human lives over others. In Italian with subtitles.

6- The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq (L'Enlevement de Michel Houellebecq) Directed and written by Guillaume Nicloux.

If novelist Michel Houellebecq had indeed been kidnapped during his 2011 promotional book tour, this may have been the definitive documentary on the case. As a wild alternative, Guillaume Nicloux presents this work of complete fiction starring none other than Houellebecq himself. Playfully speculating on the explanation for Houellebecq's mysterious disappearance, this highly entertaining, farcical piece of cinema parallels the wry characteristics of its unique and ever-unconventional subject. In French with subtitles.

7- X/Y. Directed and written by Ryan Piers Williams. (USA)

Ryan Piers Williams directs and stars alongside America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn and Melonie Diaz in a character-driven drama centered around four restless New Yorkers, and their shifting sexual and romantic relationships as they search for a sense of intimacy and self-identity. As Mark, Jen, Sylvia, and Jake navigate through their emotionally-arrested states, X/Y reveals the honest and wanton desire we all have to connect with someone and what is at stake when that connection fades.

8- Chef. Directed and written by Jon Favreau. (USA)

After talented and dynamic chef Carl Casper’s (Favreau) social media-fueled meltdown against his nemesis food critic lands him without any job prospects, Chef Casper hits the road with his son and his sous chef (John Leguizamo) to launch a brand new food truck business. Complete with lavish food imagery and a star-studded cast including Sofia Vergara, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, Oliver Platt, and Amy Sedaris, Favreau’s fresh take on food and chef culture has poignant messages about the media-driven world in which we live and the real meaning of success. An Open Road Release.

9- Love is Strange. Directed and written by Ira Sachs, co-written by Mauricio Zacharias. (USA)

Ira Sachs returns to the indie scene following 2012’s acclaimed Keep the Lights On with another new take on modern love. Acting veterans John Lithgow and Alfred Molina star as Ben and George, a Manhattan couple who are finally given the opportunity to make their union official. But when Ben loses his teaching job as a result, the relationship is tested in unconventional ways—leaving them to lean more heavily than ever on their love to hold things together. A Sony Pictures Classics Release.

10- Manos Sucias. Directed and written by Josef Wladyka, co-written by Alan Blanco. (Colombia, USA) 

Towing a submerged torpedo in the wake of their battered fishing boat, a desperate fisherman and a naive kid embark on a journey trafficking millions of dollars worth of cocaine. Shot entirely on location along the Pacific coast of Colombia—in areas that bear the indelible scars of the drug trade—Manos Sucias refuses to glamorize the drug trade but rather seeks to offer a rare glimpse of its devastating effects. Executive Produced by Spike Lee.
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All pictures credit to the Tribeca Film Festival@2014

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