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We are implementing changes to the way we create content, market and share the best cultural happenings in NYC and beyond.
Is all about providing a Better Cultural Experience to You. To that end, we are introducing exclusive content packages only available to subscribers. (Please, subscribe!) We were born en Nueva York and NYC is the center of our attention. What happens here goes everywhere and we want our best to reach every corner of this planet. 

We also want to cover the Latino and the global experience: everywhere in the US, Latin America, Europe and beyond. We are already covering top events in several mayor cities such as Miami, Chicago, Boston, Washington, San Francisco, Tucson, Houston, Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Paris and more. All of this mainly using Twitter. To complement it, we are creating new content, bringing back ESSENTIALS, our top events calendar,  and posting more interviews and photography as part of our exclusive content across our digital platforms.
LatinoEvents, Tespis Magazine, Travesías, Proyecto Roraima, Tespis TV are amongst the names you connect with us. All are growing at different paces and covering a different angle of this remarkable journey the Latino, and the larger global community, is on. Small steps will allow us to increase our coverage. We invite you to join in and help us grow. 
How, you ask? You can subscribe to the new way of services we are creating for you: 
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Un millón de gracias por su apoyo. Alex Guerrero

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