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Boundless Realities, the soon the be closed exhibit at the Americas Society is a real treat. Following on the steps of german explorer Alexander von Humboldt, many explorers pour into the vastness of the American continent from the 1830's to the 1880's and traveled from México to the Caribbean, from Venezuela to Brasil and Perú.

These explorers documented what they saw around them, from people to rivers, its flora and fauna. Many of these paintings and drawings depict accurately what the saw but also, being europeans of their generation, colored reality to mold it to europeans sensibilities.

Nonetheless, the result is outstanding!. These are some of the first and only representations left of what we call América today. One can not but feel the sheer excitement of Auguste Morisot, a frenchman who traversed the lands of the Orinoco basin, trying to articulate and capture what he was seeing. Sunsets, rivers, people, animals and costumes never seen before by European eyes. 

Morisot called it 'magical atmospheres' and 'fleeting and marvelous spectacles.'
I felt the same when I visited the exhibition a few days ago. I was mesmerized by the delicate lines, the simple yet marvelous colored rendition of the beauty hitting Morisot's eyes. You will feel it too, I assure you. 

One can also feel the frustration of Morisot upon realizing how imposible the task was of capturing everything about him!. One can feel his blood rushing trough his veins, his hands holding a pencil in ernest, in the darkness, by a campfire, scratching lines on a piece of paper, capturing that magical moment or the other, or the other, before his memory abandoned him.

Countless Reality gives us countless beauty. Is magical. Don't miss it.
The exhibit is drawn from the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection (Colección Cisneros) and is only open until January 23 at the Americas Society Gallery and at The Leubsdorf Gallery, Hunter College.
For more information, visit Ascoa
All pictures by Alex Guerrero, 2016.

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